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Must Be The Music a breath of fresh air?

I have to admit that when I first saw the promos for Must Be The Music, sceptical was one of the words to describe my reaction. I rolled my eyes at the prospect of yet another reality music show.

Though I enjoy the initial audition stages of X Factor and Idol, I have grown tired of the latter stages of both these shows. The endless theme nights including songs that are performed every year have made be lose interest in the live shows.

No matter how well a singer performs week after week or how much I like them, it doesn’t guarantee I’ll buy their music. Just because you do an outstanding version of a Mariah Carey or Beatles song doesn’t mean I’ll purchase your album.

Too many times I’ve been disappointed by the music these acts release. This is where ‘Must Be The Music’ is different. The acts have the opportunity to play their own music straight away and the audience get the chance to judge it from the start.

The show is due to air the third and final semi final and the audience are given the chance to buy any of the songs performed by the fifteen semi finalists, with them receiving all of the profits. This has already paid off having seen Pepper a Piano, a duo from the first semi final, reach number seven in the official charts.

From the second semi final, current sales figures are showing that Emma’s Imagination might debut in the top ten also.

After my initial reaction, I’ve enjoyed the show. I like how it gives musicians a chance to showcase themselves fully and have their music available for the public to purchase.

Despite the show being on a digital channel, with viewing figures around 320,000, the chart position of Pepper and Piano shows this format can work.

I wonder what it would have been like if the songs were available on a physical format and not just downloads and if it was on one of the main channels that attract viewers in the millions. The real question is what kind of success will the eventual winner have.

Lost for the Final Time

The wait is nearly over and soon the last episode of Lost will be aired.

Some have been billing it the television event of the year and further proof of how momentous it is, the episode will be simulcast over parts of the world when it’s aired at the same time as the U.S. West Coast.

Sky1 in the UK, Fox Italia and Telecom Italia in Italy, Cuatro Spain, Fox Spain and Portugal, Digiturk Turkey, HOT Israel will broadcast the airing despite the time difference. While CTV Canada will broadcast the finale at the same time as the U.S. East Coast. Other international networks will air the finale in 24-48 of the broadcast.

It’s hard to fathom the significance of this simulcast which is normally reserved for award shows and sport events. I do wonder if other shows that have a big international audience will get the same chance to broadcast their final episode.

One thing that has helped this show is the fact there was a clear time frame for when the show was to end. Heroes, which was also an international hit was recently cancelled. If a rumoured 2 hour movie does happen will NBC do the same?

Over the past six seasons I’ve enjoyed the unexplained elements of Lost. There are many things that I don’t understand and I’m not sure I ever will. I believe there are questions that won’t be answered in the finale. Regardless of this I’ve enjoyed the whole series from the smoke monster to polar bears, time jumping to flash forwards, backwards and sideways.

One day I’ll sit down and watch all the episodes over again and I’m sure I’ll discover things that I missed the first time. Until then I’ve got my snacks ready to enjoy the ride for one final time.

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House Previews from “Remorse”

International fans are getting use to being blocked from watching clips on YouTube, especially short promos of TV shows. Fox’s YouTube channel has clips that can be viewed by international fans.

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