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‘Last Resort’ Review: Captain

When the trailers for the new TV shows were released in May, Last Resort was one of a small handful that I was immediately excited to see. There have been many shows where a show hasn’t lived up to the trailer. With Last Resort, it exceeded my expectations and it doesn’t fail to disappoint. After only watching one episode, I’m already hooked.

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

The show follows the submarine crew of the Colorado. They are given the order to fire missiles at a foreign country, on a channel that is meant to be used when the US is under attack. Querying the order by asking for confirmation, Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) finds himself relived of his duties and XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) is put in charge to make the decision to fire. After also asking for confirmation of the order, the Colorado is hit by a missile and is forced to seek refuge on an exotic island. Not only, do the crew, have to find a way to clear their names but on the island, they have to deal with Julian Serrat (Sahr Ngaujah) who doesn’t take too well the influx of Americans.

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