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‘Revenge’ Review: Legacy

While it isn’t everything I thought it would be “Legacy” still provides interesting insight to the moment when Emily (Emily VanCamp) decides to get revenge on those that setup David (James Tupper) and covered it up.

REVENGE - "Legacy"

In 2002, Emily is still Amanda and she’s not the cunning female we’ve come to know. She’s more the act now and don’t think about it type; in some ways she reminds me of Fauxmanda (Margarita Levieva). All the people involved in the David Clarke cover-up are gathered at the Grayson’s Hamptons home to see in the New Year, including a character we weren’t fully aware of; David’s friend Roger, who was forced to keep quiet about the cover-up.

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‘Revenge’ Review: Chaos

Now we’ve come full circle and ended up where the pilot started and boy has it been a fun ride. An episode full of shocks and surprises coupled with the usual amount of manipulation that comes from some of the characters. “Chaos” manages to live up to its episode title. Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) reaction at the end mirrored the way that I felt; what happened on the beach?

The fire and ice theme easily describes the character traits of some of the characters, especially in “Chaos.” A perfect example of fire sees the return of Tyler (Ashton Holmes). I had a feeling that we weren’t going to see the last of the character and in some way I hoped he would return. Holmes has been brilliant playing the role of the unstable man. It’s revealed that Tyler stole Emily’s box but what I wasn’t expecting was that he also kidnaps Fauxmanda (Margarita Levieva). Maybe it’s time I should just call her Amanda from now on.

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