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‘Ravenswood’ Review: Death and the Maiden

The end of last week’s episode saw the car carrying Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), Remy (Britne Oldford), Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson), Olivia (Merritt Patterson) and Luke (Brett Dier) drive off the bridge, struggling to get out of the sinking car. If you happened to see any of the released photos before the episode aired, then you would have guessed that one person didn’t survive. Miranda, who grabbed the steering wheel as Remy was driving, died. Miranda was the only one to see the “person” in the road. Miranda’s death felt a bit underwhelming. Was it because I had seen the photos before the episode? The answer to my question is no. There was something missing for me that felt a little disconnected. It’s hard to convey the same kind of emotion for a character’s death when you’ve only just introduced them and the characters on screen know the deceased as long as the viewer. I always say that if you’re gonna have a death within the first couple of episodes then there’s got to be something there to substitute the emotion you usually convey.

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

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