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Returning shows I’m looking forward to

After waiting all summer, the time has finally come for the shows that ended in May, to return. Thought there are many shows I’m looking forward to returning, there are some that I’m looking forward to more.

The Vampire Diaries
This show was one of the best new shows last year. It had the ability to keep me on the edge of my seat every episode and its finale was no different. It was a finale that had me buzzing about it weeks after I saw it. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it from the very first episode as I was rolling my eyes at yet another show about vampires but somehow it continues to be fresh.

Grey’s Anatomy
Like The Vampire Diaries, it was one of my favourite finales but for different reasons – it played upon the emotions. We were promised a game changer and it certainly delivered. How the characters deal with the aftermath is the question.

This show is in my top 5 shows and like the previous two, was one of my favourite finales. The show just keeps getting better with outstanding performances and storylines. With the alternative universe being shown more, the show looks to keep up its consistency of being something not to miss.

This is one of my favourite comedies and if you haven’t seen it already, just watch the episode Modern Warfare and you’ll be hooked. It has one of the best ensembles with funny and consistent writing. I shall continue to review the episodes on

Other shows that I’m looking forward to but just not as much
Life Unexpected
Modern Family
Cougar Town
The Middle
The Good Wife

Two shows that I was considering dropping form my viewing list were Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives but the casting of Katie Cassidy and Vanessa Williams respectively have breathed a new sense of anticipation for me and I shall keenly watch to see how both shows utilize the actresses.

Will Monday Be A Good Fit For Fringe?

On Monday January 11th, Fox will be airing a never seen before episode from season one. The episode is against NBC’s Heroes, which is also struggling with ratings. Though this is a one off, could this move save the show?

When I first heard about the Time Warner/Fox problems, my first thought went to Fringe and how the possible blackout could effect this show, more than how it would effect others. With a debut of around 9 million viewers in September 2008 and 9.3 million for its season finale in May 2009, you would think there was nothing to worry about. A lot can change in a year. Now shown on a different evening, the second season debut managed 7.8 million in September 2009.

The first new episode after the world series only attracted 4.95m, a series-low. The show climbed back up with 5.9 million with the following episode. Unfortunately for fans, these continuing numbers are worrying.

A sigh or relief was breathed when Time Warner and Fox issued a statement of agreement, that wouldn’t stop broadcasting Fox in 13 million homes. I hope that Monday’s episode will give the show a ratings boost, then this would show that there are more people that want to watch but the show needs to move from a congested Thursday night. This move could also show the network why they have to renew it, other than the fact that this show is good. Sometimes a little movement helps a long way.

My Misses List of 2009

There have been a lot of best and worst of 2009 lists floating around and I thought I’ll do my own little list. I warn you now, that this isn’t your standard best show and worst show list. I’ve been a little inventive with my awards. I start of with the misses list.

What were you thinking? – NBC cancelling Southland before the new series was aired

I can’t believe you’re still on the air – Heroes

Hail Mary attempt at more viewers – Claire’s lesbian kiss, Heroes

It’s not what it says on the packaging – FlashForward. Some billed it as the next Lost, well it’s not.

I should really turn it over – The Cleveland Show

Stop and stare moment – Heather Locklear’s face. There’s something going on that I can’t quite figure out.

Biggest waste of an hour – The Beautiful Life

Biggest waste of half an hour – Hank

I like you but I couldn’t keep watching your show – Alex O’Loughlin and Alfre Woodard, Three Rivers

Is it you or your character that annoys me – Joseph Fiennes, Mark on FlashForward

Are you trying to kill the show on purpose? – Fox moving Fringe from Tuesday to overloaded Thursday

Do you want people to watch you? – NBC’s dwindling primetime scripted shows.

Most obvious outcome in a cliffhanger – Grey’s Anatomy with George and Izzie

Fav Scene of the Week 29th Nov – 5th Dec 09

For this week, I have chosen Fringe. This is one of my favourite shows and this episode saw Walter trying to function on his own. I’ve actually chosen two scenes from the episode. The first is with Astrid and what I loved about it was how caring he was with her. Plus the fact that its taken a while for him to actually remember her name.

The second scene is with Peter and I thought it was heartfelt and funny at the same time. Their relationship is amongst my favourites; it’s dysfunctional and there are many answers that have yet to be answered.