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Community & Chloroform

Sometimes there’s one scene in an episode that has you laughing so hard tears start to fall or you continually rewind it. This week there was one scene that had me like this. It was from Community and it was involving chloroform. I mention this scene in my review of the episode. Community TV put the scene up and I couldn’t help but highlight it.

Troy and Abed are trying to find an that proves Jeff’s old colleague got him fired. When the cleaner finds them in the office, Annie tries to help.

Fav Scene of the Week 17th – 23rd Jan

This is a bit late then usual due to technical issues. My favourite scene of last week was from How I Met Your Mother. It was pretty hard for me to whittle it down to a scene from the episode called ‘Jenkins’. There were so many funny moments to pick from.

I checked out of the premise of how Ted met the mother of his kids a couple of series ago but what has kept me going as been Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall. Most of the time, they steal the show (especially Barney) and Ted, at times, becomes a side thought.

The scene I eventually chose was Jenkins apologising to Marshall for kissing him but him being more concerned that Lily knows the kiss actually happened and then what happens when she does. I love Lily’s reaction as its not the soft and peaceful Lily that we’re used to.

Fav Scene of the Week 10th – 16th Jan

Hidden underneath the drama on NBC’s latenight, the network gave a double helping of 30 Rock on Thursday. There were too many scenes for me to pick from but I chose Liz finally revealing her secret friend for Jenna.

Liz is always having to take care of Tracy and Jenna, sometimes you forget that Liz and Jenna used to live together before ‘The Girlie Show’. It’s funny the lengths that Liz goes to make sure the show goes on.

Fav Scene of the Week 3rd – 9th Jan 2010

Not all of the shows have made their return in the new year but I decided to pick something anyway. This video isn’t a scene but three clips that stood out for me. They are from Better Off Ted, the first from two episodes that were shown this week. It wasn’t just the scenes as a whole but Veronica’s lines and Portia De Rossi’s delivery and expressions during it.

Fav Scene of the Week 6th – 12th Dec 09

Well I have to say that this choice was a particularly had one to make with many of the shows airing their holiday episode/mid season finale episode. Modern Family was in the frame, which seems to be a regular occurrence. Glee and Community were also a possibility but instead I went for Parks and Recreation.

This show is one of my favourite new shows and the episode as a whole kept me laughing throughout. I picked the scene with Leslie having to deny an affair, on a TV show. There is also a scene with Ron sandwiched in between.

Fav Scene of the Week 29th Nov – 5th Dec 09

For this week, I have chosen Fringe. This is one of my favourite shows and this episode saw Walter trying to function on his own. I’ve actually chosen two scenes from the episode. The first is with Astrid and what I loved about it was how caring he was with her. Plus the fact that its taken a while for him to actually remember her name.

The second scene is with Peter and I thought it was heartfelt and funny at the same time. Their relationship is amongst my favourites; it’s dysfunctional and there are many answers that have yet to be answered.

Fav Scene of the Week 23rd-28th Nov 09 Part 2

The second clip is from Modern Family. This show is easily one of my favourite new shows and it was hard to pick just one clip. The whole episode was great but I chose a Fizbo scene which has restored my faith in clowns that was broken by Stephen King’s IT (lol). I could have also pick something from Cougar Town, which also showed a great holiday episode.

Fav Scene of the Week 23rd-28th Nov 09 Part 1

It’s been quiet of late and I didn’t post anything last week. Partly because I didn’t think anything really stood out for me. This time around, I found two clips.

The first clip had me laughing and clapping at the same time. Family Guy has funny and controversial moments but this next scene has to be one of my favourites of this season. Brian had been trying to find out why Quagmire doesn’t like him and he finally gets to know the reason why.

Fav Scene of the Week 8th -14th Nov 09

I have to admit that there wasn’t a lot of choice for my scene of the week (I blame ABC for not showing Modern Family this week). It would have been easy to pick a scene from Glee, which had one of its best episodes this week as well as Grey’s Anatomy and Fringe. Instead I chose a scene from Ugly Betty, which also was a season best.

I thought it was a really sweet moment with Justin and his mother, Hilda but also the scene after really had me thinking about where they are going with Justin. They have made a real point about showing how he’s coping with high school and it brings up a new element to both Justin and Hilda.

This show has been quietly producing some great stuff and though I listed it under my cancellation predictions, I would like to see this have another season.

Fav Scene of the Week – 7 Nov 09

For this week, I chose a scene from Grey’s Anatomy and it doesn’t involve any of my favourite characters (Cristina, Callie, Mark or Miranda Bailey). It’s the scene with Arizona and the Chief. Now I like any scene when someone is telling off the Chief and in previous weeks, I could have easily picked Arizona or Shepherd telling off the Chief. It’s no secret that he’s on my annoying/boring character list so any time someone shouts at him, it gets a big cheer form me.