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Skins 5.02 “Rich” Promo

Thursday night saw the new series of Skins debut with 940,000 viewers, which included the timeshift channel an hour later. This combined figure was down by the series 4 opener last year, which drew over 1 million viewers.

The next episode is Rich; catch the promo below

Skins 5.01 “Franky” Review

Skins is back for a fifth series and its third cast. After the seriousness towards the end of series 4, it was great to see the new series open with some light-hearted scenes. We are first introduced to Franky; she literally crashes into college on a mobility scooter after being chased by schoolboys.


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Two Upcoming Skins Premieres

January is a good month for anyone involved with Skins. Skins S5 airs in the UK on Thursday, 27th at 10pm on E4 while the US remake premieres on MTV on Monday, 17th at 10pm/9c.

I’m usually one who initially hates the news of any remakes or reboots but I’ve decided to take a different approach from now on and reserve judgement. I’m interested to see how much of the UK version will the US one adopt; will they follow the exact same storylines?

It’s premature for me to ask but if the show is a success, will they follow the same route of changing the characters after two seasons? The thing that keeps the show fresh is the fact the cast changes; S5 sees the UK with its third cast.

You can take a look at my reviews for S4 below and the promos for both the UK and US version

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Returning shows I’m looking forward to

After waiting all summer, the time has finally come for the shows that ended in May, to return. Thought there are many shows I’m looking forward to returning, there are some that I’m looking forward to more.

The Vampire Diaries
This show was one of the best new shows last year. It had the ability to keep me on the edge of my seat every episode and its finale was no different. It was a finale that had me buzzing about it weeks after I saw it. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it from the very first episode as I was rolling my eyes at yet another show about vampires but somehow it continues to be fresh.

Grey’s Anatomy
Like The Vampire Diaries, it was one of my favourite finales but for different reasons – it played upon the emotions. We were promised a game changer and it certainly delivered. How the characters deal with the aftermath is the question.

This show is in my top 5 shows and like the previous two, was one of my favourite finales. The show just keeps getting better with outstanding performances and storylines. With the alternative universe being shown more, the show looks to keep up its consistency of being something not to miss.

This is one of my favourite comedies and if you haven’t seen it already, just watch the episode Modern Warfare and you’ll be hooked. It has one of the best ensembles with funny and consistent writing. I shall continue to review the episodes on

Other shows that I’m looking forward to but just not as much
Life Unexpected
Modern Family
Cougar Town
The Middle
The Good Wife

Two shows that I was considering dropping form my viewing list were Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives but the casting of Katie Cassidy and Vanessa Williams respectively have breathed a new sense of anticipation for me and I shall keenly watch to see how both shows utilize the actresses.

Review: Glee s1ep22 – Journey (

The moment has finally arrived as New Directions competes at Regionals. This episode recaptures the best parts of the show – a good storyline, brilliant and well placed song choices, with a Journey medley at the heart of it.

With the episode entitled Journey, it takes a brief look into how far the glee club has come as they deal with the possible realization that the club will be over after Regionals.

The episode is filled with some heart warming moments. My favorite moments include the Journey medley and the placement of Quinn giving birth during Vocal Adrenaline’s performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. I like the way the scenes were cut and placed together.

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Review: Glee s1ep21 – Funk (

From the second the episode started I was filled with confusion. The recap stated Jesse had left the glee club but in the first scene, Kurt talked about having Jesse in the group and Rachel was surprised to see Jesse on stage with Vocal Adrenaline.

I questioned why the episode title was used so frequently. I didn’t go down the route of counting how many times the word ‘funk’ was said, but it was definitely too much for my fingers and toes to manage.

The whole episode left me wondering what the vision was. Most times I felt it was all over the place, jumping too quickly at times from one scene to the next.

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Review: Glee s1ep20 – Theatricality (

Vampires are real – at least in the mind of Principal Figgins and that’s how the episode opens. Figgins has Will and Tina in his office telling her she can’t dress Goth. With the KISS and Lady GaGa inspired outfits, they are the lighthearted storylines sandwiched between a serious and at one point emotional episode.

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Review: Glee – Dream On (

There are two big issues in this episode — Artie and his dream to walk and Rachel’s dream of meeting her mother. Artie’s storyline really delved into the subject of disability and significantly follows last week’s episode which showed a quadriplegic. Will’s nemesis Bryan Ryan helped balance the episode with a lighter storyline.

When I heard Joss Whedon would be directing an episode of Glee, I was immediately excited. He is no stranger to directing musical shows given his previous experience of Buffy’s ‘Once More with Feeling’ and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The subtle angles used, like Will and Ryan’s bar scene and the mall dance scene had me captive.

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Review: Glee – Laryngitis (

Puck has shaved his Mohawk and like Samson, he’s lost his strength. I liked the way the opening scene was shot showing jaw dropping reactions and Brittany not recognizing him at all. Puck’s trademark was his Mohawk so I too was surprised to see it gone.

Puck’s popularity at the school has plummeted and now he’s the one being dumped into the school dumpster. He thinks the only way he can get his status back is to date a cheerleader so he sets his sights on Mercedes, who initially resists. Eventually, Mercedes begins dating him despite knowing what his ulterior motive is. Someone isn’t happy about this new couple and surprisingly it’s not Quinn. Despite people thinking that Quinn and Puck are a couple, we find out they aren’t even dating. Since Quinn left Finn’s home, she’s been living with Puck’s family. It’s taken a few episodes to get to this point and I do wonder why they’ve made it look like Puck and Quinn were dating.

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Review: Glee – Bad Reputation (

The latest episode sees several glee members trying to change their reputation, with guest appearances by Molly Shannon and Olivia Newton John (as herself).

Some of the glee members are watching a video Kurt stole, of Sue Sylvester dancing to Olivia Newton John’s hit ‘Physical’. They upload it online and everyone teases Sue in school. Brenda Castle (Molly Shannon), a new faculty member, instantly mocks Sue, every time she sees her.

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