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‘Made in Jersey’ Review: Cacti

Last week I spent part of the review talking about the supporting cast and in “Cacti” things have changed. Natalie Minka (Stephanie March) and Luke Aaronson (Pablo Schreiber) aren’t there but instead Martina is joined by second-year Riley associate (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and third-year associate Nolan Adams (Kristoffer Polaha).

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

Both characters are placed in the show like they’ve always been there. I know things change between when a pilot is shot and the second episode; I just wonder what the point of airing the pilot was when the cast was changed. It actually felt like two different firms. What’s good about the inclusion of Riley is that unlike Natalie, she doesn’t spend most of her time making snide comments. A drawback of both Riley and Nolan is that neither of them brings anything new to the table. They actually seem like quite bland characters. We’re not even given a chance to get to know them as “Cacti” goes straight into the case. Martina spends as much time with Riley and Nolan as she does with Donovan Stark (Kyle MacLachlan). Like Donovan, Cyndi Leary (Toni Trucks) and River Brody (Felix Solis) also return from the pilot, though Cyndi barely appears in this episode.

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‘Made In Jersey’ Review: Pilot

Made in Jersey is centered round Martina Garretti (Janet Montgomery), a woman from New Jersey working at a law firm. After speaking out in a meeting, Martina is given the chance to be third chair in a murder trial, by her boss Donovan Stark (Kyle MacLachlan). Martina spends her time trying to find evidence that Ellie, a student, is innocent of killing her professor. Martina is uses the help of co-worker, Cyndi Leary (Toni Trucks) and the services of the firm’s investigator, River Brody (Felix Solis). We also get to see some of Martina’s home life when Martina’s niece wants to get a tattoo.

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

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MIKE & MOLLY 1.12 “First Christmas” Review

Air Date: Monday December 13, 2010 | Grade: B+


Mike (Billy Gardell) giving Molly (Melissa McCarthy) her Christmas present

Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly (Melissa McCarthy) spend their first Christmas together, which brings its own set of problems. Christmas shopping is stressful enough especially when you have no idea what to buy. This is the problem Mike is faced with and I can empathize, as I’ve needed as many hints as Molly tries to give him. Mike receives some advice from Carl (Reno Wilson), Grandma (Cleo King) and Samuel (Nyambi Nyambi) before he’s able to find something.

I have to say I’m slightly worried about Carl (Reno Wilson) and his extensive knowledge of Molly’s feet. I wonder if he has some sort of foot fetish, as he describes them in great detail. Maybe Mike should buy Carl shoes for his Christmas gift. Though Carl is right in initially warning Mike against buying Molly gift vouchers, like Grandma, I feel that asking Carl for advice is misguided, because he doesn’t have the best track record with women.

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MIKE & MOLLY 1.11 “Carl Gets a Girl” Review

Air Date: Monday December 6, 2010 | Grade: A-

I don’t usually review Mike & Molly so I found it interesting to look at this show from a critical standpoint rather than as a fan. The show has had a steady season, in its freshman year, and I’ve enjoyed the majority of it. “Carl Gets a Girl” is definitely a highly entertaining and enjoyable episode.

After four years of having the spare key to Mike’s (Billy Gardell) apartment, Carl (Reno Wilson) finally uses it when he gets a girlfriend. This forces Mike to stay over at Molly’s (Melissa McCarthy) where he ends up having one-on-one time with Joyce (Swoosie Kurtz) and Victoria (Katy Mixon).

Mike hanging out with Joyce is significant because he actually enjoys it. He tries to make sure she’s okay following her breakup with Vince (Louis Mustillo). He gives Molly advice about Joyce and spends more time with the family. This is quite a shift in Mike and Molly’s relationship as Mike previously hasn’t been comfortable staying over at Molly’s. Plus, it’s not the kind of relationship Molly has with Mike’s mother.

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Fav Scene of the Week 17th – 23rd Jan

This is a bit late then usual due to technical issues. My favourite scene of last week was from How I Met Your Mother. It was pretty hard for me to whittle it down to a scene from the episode called ‘Jenkins’. There were so many funny moments to pick from.

I checked out of the premise of how Ted met the mother of his kids a couple of series ago but what has kept me going as been Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall. Most of the time, they steal the show (especially Barney) and Ted, at times, becomes a side thought.

The scene I eventually chose was Jenkins apologising to Marshall for kissing him but him being more concerned that Lily knows the kiss actually happened and then what happens when she does. I love Lily’s reaction as its not the soft and peaceful Lily that we’re used to.

Letterman weighs in on NBC/Leno/Conan

The NBC Leno/Conan situation has definitely been the kind of drama that some shows dream of writing.

Having taken scripted content off 10pm for Leno, the network will now be looking for things to fill the spot now Leno is being moved to 11:35pm. David Letterman offers his own idea of a drama that can fill the now vacated timeslot.

The World to Stop Turning

Though I thought the day would come soon, I never thought that the announcement of another soap being cancelled would be this year. As The World Turns has been cancelled by CBS, who broadcast Guiding Light for the last time in September. I’ve only ever watched a couple of episodes of this so I won’t comment on that, but soaps are definitely becoming an endangered TV species.

Originally starting in 1956, the show will air for the last time on CBS in September 2010. This will leave CBS with two soaps and six across all networks. I thought that this announcement would come next year, so it didn’t surprise me. What did surprise was the timing of the announcement.

Unfortunately money talks and this will leave many without a job. Soaps are an expensive business and it’s been a well documented issue regarding contract negotiations and pay-cuts, amongst the actors. Networks want cheap programmes and this leans towards things like quiz shows.

I guess the next question is, what will be next. I don’t think it will be another CBS show just yet. My money is on One Life To Live, though I think All My Children will give it a run for its money.

I Think We Have An Emergency

What can be said about the three new hospital dramas that debuted this fall? Mercy, Three Rivers and Trauma have aired to less than impressive ratings and less than favoured reviews. There was a big gap left in NBC’s schedule after ER ended; it was a mainstay in the schedule for 15 seasons. It puzzled me that NBC went for both Trauma and Mercy but hey, I’m no network exec.

I’ve watched all three of these dramas and in the case of Mercy and Trauma; I’ve already stopped watching them. With Mercy, I lasted 3 episodes and 5 minutes of episode 4. My problem with this show was that I just didn’t care. I didn’t care that one of them had issues since returning from war. I couldn’t sympathise with her or understand her to any extent. I found Michelle Trachtenberg’s character a bore and more annoying than her character in Buffy and I never thought that could ever be possible. I couldn’t find a character to route for and the storylines were boring. The show has been picked up for a full season.

What can I say about Trauma? A quote from my mother sums it up “Trauma is traumatic to watch.” The last episode I watched had someone being electrocuted, another guy’s arm cut off and a guy falling on something that went straight through his body. The show seems to be intent on finding ways to try and gross people out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get grossed out easily, I’ve seen four of the Saw films and will watch the latest. I don’t mind watching things like this on film, but I don’t want to see this week in and week out. It wouldn’t be such a bad problem if there was a storyline, some character development, anything to keep people interested. it seems like a mini-movie with no plot and just an aim to see how much they can spend on effects.

News came this week that NBC was to air 13 episodes but it was as good as cancelled. Someone mentioned that it would at least give it time to wrap up storylines, what storylines?

This then moves me on to Three Rivers, which I’m still watching. This is a very slow paced show and even with a storyline about a bus crash, it’s still failed to ignite anything in this show. For a couple of episodes, ratings for this show haven’t been helped by extended football games but that is no excuse. The slow paced drama has one thing over the over two – three actors with a fan base. Alex O’Loughlin, Alfre Woodard and Katherine Moennig are probably keeping some viewers watching despite the show itself. In some ways, that’s probably part of the reason I’m still watching it. All three of them have been part of shows that I’ve watched (Moonlight, Desperate Housewives and Young Americans). I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen, I’m just not sure what it is yet.

I have yet to hear of anyone with the opinion that they think Three Rivers or Trauma will get a second season. I’m not looking for an ER replacement, as I stopped watching it for the last few seasons that were aired. I just think that with medical dramas, there should be a good balance between the medicine, the characters, the story within the episode and the story within the season. I don’t want a snooze fest either, just a well-written drama.

Fav Scene of The Week – Oct 18th 09

One of my possible choices was Miranda Bailey’s crossover from Grey’s Anatomy to Private Practice. Her first scene reminded my why she is one of my favourite characters.

Instead I picked a scene with Sheldon and Raj from The Big Bang Theory. It could be seen as childish but this has me laughing every time I see it.

I do have to make a special mention to a scene from Modern Family regarding a certain song, In the Moonlight. This song has been in my head since seeing the episode and I’ve even purchased it off iTunes. I’ve included the scene from the show and an extended version of the song.

My Cancellation Predictions

“It lacks cohesion.” A quote from the season opener of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This is something that can be said of many shows on TV and is often thrown at new shows in particular.

I’ve watched most of the new shows that have been aired so far. I’ve taken a look at the ratings for their debut and in some cases, their second outing. I’m going to loosely predict what shows I think will be cancelled as well as predict some more established shows. The first one on my list was going to be The Beautiful Life but the plug was already pulled before I got the chance to write this.

Lets get one thing straight, though I’m predicting the following, it doesn’t mean I necessarily dislike the shows that I’ve picked, as there are a couple that I like but still think they will be canned.

Ugly Betty – Now this hasn’t even been shown yet and that is one of the points of why I feel it will be cancelled. This week ABC announced that Betty’s season opener air date has changed. It was moved to Friday which is the least watched week day (I’m looking at it in terms of the highest viewed show per day). CBS so far has that night in the bag with Medium, Ghost Whisperer and Numbers. The viewers were already dwindling before this move.

Hank and The Middle – They’re just not as good as ABC’s other two new comedies Cougar Town and Modern Family. That and the ratings are reason enough.

Trauma/Mercy – I can’t really choose between the two but I think one of them will go. My personal opinion is Mercy but Trauma had the worst debut. Not sure why NBC went for two new shows about the emergency services.

Cold Case – I like this show but there were rumours that this was up for the chop with Without A Trace and it was an either or decision. With CBS cutting costs in both primetime and daytime, I see this as one to go.

Dollhouse – Another show that I like but not enough people are watching this. It also doesn’t help when SyFy’s Stargate Universe and encores of shows already shown in the week get better rating numbers.

Smallville – I haven’t watched this since the first season but like Ugly Betty, it has been moved to Friday. I don’t see why it couldn’t have been moved into The Beautiful Life’s vacated spot instead of a Melrose Place rerun. These are the reasons I have this down plus the length of time it’s had on air.

I’ve had to put the following in a separate section as if they were on any other network, I think these shows would be canned but as NBC’s figures as a whole haven’t been as good as CBS or ABC this week (in some cases Fox either) then it’s hard to tell what they would actually get rid of.

Heroes – I really don’t think I should have to explain this one as those that no longer watch it know why. It should have been cancelled last season but they persisted and gave it another go. The characters have become annoying, they’ve killed off some interesting and popular characters, it’s lacked direction and decent story-telling and people are abandoning it fast, including many of my family and friends.

Parks and Recreation – I really like this show but it’s the worst performer out of NBC’s Thursday comedies.

The following ones I’m debating and could go either way depending on how they do further down the line. I won’t go into my reasons, in some cases, you just have to watch them to know.

The Forgotten
Accidently On Purpose
Till Death
Melrose Place

The last one I am mentioning is just what I think should end.
One Tree Hill – I think it should have ended last season as I think it was time and ended on a good note, which I mentioned in a previous post. Now it feels like they are just dragging things out. If you have to have Dan Scott married to Rachel Gatina and another Nathan may or may have cheated storyline, then you need to end it.

Obviously Lost isn’t included in any of the lists, as we all know that it will be airing it’s last season. I think it was good that they announced a couple of seasons ago the timeline for the show.

We shall see what shows are still on when I do this again, after the mid season shows have aired.