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The Killing Returns to the UK

Saturday sees the return of The Killing (Forbrydelsen) to BBC4, in the UK. The Danish crime drama‘s first season was a success earlier this year and even saw the US do their own version on AMC. While the BBC might have lost Mad Men to big spending Sky, the cheaper Danish import proved to be more of a success and ended up attracting more viewers than the US drama. The Killing started with 472,000 viewers and ended with 599,000 (the show’s highest rated episode was ep17 with 613,000 viewers).

I found out about the show through a colleague, got my hands on all 20 episodes and ended up watching them all in two weekends. It wasn’t the perfect show and I still hand many questions at the end but it had me hooked. When I checked at out a few sites afterwards, I found at there were people discussing everything from the characters, the score, the writing and the jumpers; I couldn’t believe there was so much talk about it.

The Killing's Sarah Lund's jumper

The famous jumper courtesy of Gudrun & Gudrun

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Skins 5.02 “Rich” Promo

Thursday night saw the new series of Skins debut with 940,000 viewers, which included the timeshift channel an hour later. This combined figure was down by the series 4 opener last year, which drew over 1 million viewers.

The next episode is Rich; catch the promo below

Two Upcoming Skins Premieres

January is a good month for anyone involved with Skins. Skins S5 airs in the UK on Thursday, 27th at 10pm on E4 while the US remake premieres on MTV on Monday, 17th at 10pm/9c.

I’m usually one who initially hates the news of any remakes or reboots but I’ve decided to take a different approach from now on and reserve judgement. I’m interested to see how much of the UK version will the US one adopt; will they follow the exact same storylines?

It’s premature for me to ask but if the show is a success, will they follow the same route of changing the characters after two seasons? The thing that keeps the show fresh is the fact the cast changes; S5 sees the UK with its third cast.

You can take a look at my reviews for S4 below and the promos for both the UK and US version

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Countdown to the return of Pretty Little Liars

It’s no secret, I’m a fan of Pretty Little Liars: it is one of my favorite shows of the summer. I’ve never read the books and once I heard about the show, I didn’t make an attempt to read them. I wanted to look at it purely as a TV show and I didn’t want to be comparing the two in any way.

With the four main females, I was trying to guess which character I would dislike the most. I always find with shows like this, there’s always one that I can’t stand or find completely annoying. To my surprise, I didn’t have that reaction with them. This show pulls you in with their mysteries and relationships. It does what I expect of a show – make me want to watch the next episode as soon as possible.

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Community’s Christmas Animation Episode

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the festive episodes are close to airing. One episode I’m looking forward to watching is Community’s. “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” is a stop motion animation episode and airs on Thursday December 9th on NBC at 8/7c. I’m interesting to see how the episode pans out and whether the stop animation idea will work for the show.

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Grey’s Anatomy and The Time Warp

Forget about FlashForward, it’s all about flash sideways and flashbacks. Brothers & Sisters recently announced their casting of their flashback episode but, in the US, this week’s it’s the turn of Grey’s Anatomy.

The episdoe synopsis is “In his new role as Chief, Derek restores the hospital lecture series, and Richard, Bailey and Callie present to the group pivotal surgical cases from their pasts – Bailey reflects on her first days as a shy resident, Callie looks back on a polio case, and Richard recalls a case in which he and Ellis worked on a patient diagnosed with GRID, a virus later called AIDS.”

Guest starring will be Sarah Paulson and J. August Richards as Young Ellis Grey and Young Richard Webber and Missi Pyle as Bailey’s Former Nemesis, Dr. Nicole Baylow.

Check out the two promos below and in honour of the episode being named ‘The Time Warp’, a clip from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

House Previews from “Remorse”

International fans are getting use to being blocked from watching clips on YouTube, especially short promos of TV shows. Fox’s YouTube channel has clips that can be viewed by international fans.

Watch 3 clips from the next new episode being shown in the US.

Sons of Anarchy hits the UK

Today, in the UK, FIVE USA will show the first episode of Sons of Anarchy. Created by Kurt Sutter, who wrote, produced and starred in acclaimed US police drama The Shield, Sons of Anarchy is a hard-hitting, gritty drama following the members of an outlaw motorcycle gang. Check out the promo that is being shown.

TV in January

The holidays are over and you’ve missed your last opportunity to pack in a TV marathon. The TV schedule will resume normal service as well as the working week.

This month will see the last 3 episodes of Dollhouse, Scrubs and Better Off Ted will start to be burned off with double episodes. New shows, Human Target Life Unexpected, The Deep End and Spartacus get their debut. Some of your favourites might not even be back yet.

The have complied a TV calendar for January to help remind us (especially me) when shows are returning this month.