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Glee Q&A with Charice

It’s been a month since the last original Glee episode aired but the show is finally back with a new episode titled “A Night of Neglect.” An even longer wait will finally end; the reappearance of Charice as Sunshine Corazon.

I had the opportunity of participating in a conference call with Charice where she discussed her upcoming appearance, about her background and her upcoming single release.
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‘Community’ Q&A with Alison Brie and Danny Pudi


Image by YGX via Flickr

Last week I participated in a conference call with Alison Brie and Danny Pudi from Community, to promote the upcoming episode titled “Intro to Political Science” which sees Eliza Coupe guest star as special agent Robin Vohlers.

It’s not secret that I’m a fan of the show so it was a privilege to sit in on another conference call with two of the show’s stars. I enjoyed listening to Pudi and Brie; it was an example of the great chemistry the cast have.

Talking about “Intro to Political Science.”

Alison Brie: Essentially Joe Biden is coming to the campus. And so the Dean is frantically trying to assemble some sort of student government. And of course Annie is super excited to run for president. And when Jeff kind of fails to help her she gets upset at him and he runs to spite her. So they get into a bit of a battle for the position of president.

Danny Pudi: Abed’s storyline is that he is doing two things actually. He is broadcasting live the election results as part of GCTV so that was fun because I got to play a news anchor for a little bit. And I’ve always been really attracted to female news anchors.

So Abed is along with Troy broadcasting live the news and the election results. But at the same time he notices that CIA is all around campus.

Alison Brie: It was – the cool thing about shooting this episode was I think at first we thought it was going to be very similar to the debate episode from last season which also featured Annie and Jeff. And then as we were shooting and as we were kind of getting rewrites to the script we realized that it really was more of a political satire.

Danny Pudi: Yes.

Alison Brie: I mean it really – that’s what it is.

Danny Pudi: And, you know, we have a lot of really great candidates as you can imagine to choose from, from the student body. I think it comes down to eight finalists?

Alison Brie: Yes I think so and there’s – there are some new players from the community landscape. And there are some familiar faces like Star-burns.

Danny Pudi: Like Star-burns and…

Alison Brie: Leonard.

Danny Pudi: …Leonard, you know? But then there’s a few others that are really funny as well.

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Nicole Brown and Malcolm Jamal Warner Talk About “Community”

I had the opportunity to participate in the latest Community conference call with Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) and Malcolm Jamal Warner (Shirley’s ex-husband, Andre). It was a fun call where they both spoke about what’s in store for the first of Warner’s appearances on the show and how Andre isn’t welcomed by the study group because of the things he did to Shirley.

Yvette Nicole Brown on Malcolm Jamal Warner’s appearance and her crush on Theo, his character in the late 80s/early 90s comedy series, The Cosby Show

This is like my childhood dream come true. When I was like 13 years old I’m like, I’m going to marry Theo and I’ve essentially married Theo so that’s awesome. And actually I was campaigning for Malcolm to be my ex-husband from the very first day of the show. I’ve always said, if she reconciles with her ex-husband I hope it is Malcolm Jamal Warner and I think the producers and writers got sick of me saying his name. So it’s kind of like, shut up Yvette, we hear you.

Malcolm Jamal Warner on his character Andre

So, you know, I think – I mean, what you see is obviously you’ve heard all these despicable things about this guy but here he is really making…And he’s learned some things, he’s really making an honest and genuine attempt at coming back and being a better man than what he has been in the past. So I think a lot of the turmoil and tension we’re going to feel, again, is really from the rest of the gang. You know, Shirley definitely wants to give him another shot but no one else is as easily swayed as of yet.

Towards the end of the call, I was able to ask a few questions.

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‘Community’ Q&A with Jim Rash

Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) may not be one of the main characters in Community but he can equally pull his weight when it comes to laughs either by his lack of mouth filter or dressing up as Lady Gaga for Halloween.

Photo courtesy of NBC

Photo courtesy of NBC

Community is releasing a series of webisodes, centered on Rash’s character, called “Dean Pelton’s Office Hours.” To coincide with the first three available webisodes, I had the pleasure of participating in a conference call with Rash.

Other than talking about the webisodes, Rash spoke about his start on the show, his background, some of his character’s antics and screenwriting. “The Descendents” is an adapted screenplay written with his writing partner Nat Faxon, and stars George Clooney.

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