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Quick Thoughts Preview

From now on I shall only be writing Glee reviews for The Voice of TV on a regular basis. For this reason, I shall be doing something slightly different on my blog. Going forward, I shall be randomly picking shows to write about. They won’t be full reviews but some thoughts on the episode. This is just a way for me to speak about a varied amount of TV shows and also gives me a chance to look at shows that I haven’t written about; this will be known as my quick thoughts.

Glee’s X Factor Teaser For UK Tour

Sunday saw some of the Glee cast perform on the UK’s X Factor. Though the singing was live the actual performance was pre-recorded.

Less than an hour before the start of the show, Amber Riley tweeted

Has the performance aired yet UK? Did u enjoy if it did? 🙂

She later stated

We flew in early just 4 that perf. 4 our U.K. fans and its back to work Monday 4 some…

Chris Colfer was absent as he was filming. He tweeted the reason on Friday

I won’t be performing on the X-Factor with the other Gleeks! I had to stay and film scenes with the Warblers. Lot’s of cool stuff coming up!

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Short Mission for Undercovers

Last week NBC announced it would not be picking up Undercovers for a back nine. I really wanted to like the show but it never really grabbed me. The components were there – the cast and J.J. Abrams but the show never had me instantly invested. Maybe my expectations were too high because it is an Abrams project but I was expecting something I could be pulled into.

I didn’t want to compare it to any of Abrams’ other projects, as I didn’t think it was fair. The show took the procedual route but I didn’t find it any better than the other procedual dramas out there – it didn’t stand out. The only way it would have continually peaked my interest was if there was some sort of running arc developed; at least one mission that was carried over more than one episode. The secrecy the main characters have with each other doesn’t have me intrigued.

It’s a shame but the opportunity to make improvements is gone. The show has been losing figures but so has every new show on NBC. Maybe the network should rethink their “acceptable” ratings figure as maybe the Undercovers‘ average will be the norm.

Short Life Expected

It’s been confirmed Life Unexpected isn’t going to receive a back nine of episodes. Though the show hasn’t officially been cancelled it’s pretty evident that episode 13 will be its series finale.

Fans were worried when the show only received an order for additional scripts and The CW gave full season orders to freshmans Nikita and Hellcats as well as its more established line up. The show has been struggling in the ratings this season and seemed to be the show most likely to be cancelled first by the network.

When season one of Life Unexpected premiered I was one of its biggest supporters. I even went so far to voice why I would pick it over One Tree Hill if only one of them was renewed last season. Something has changed of late. Though I still watch it, I don’t have the same enthusiasm for the show as I did in the first season. I’ve been disappointed with certain aspects and I haven’t liked the path they’ve taken. My main issue has been about Lux’s relationship with teacher, Eric Daniels. Part of the problem is that this story is being done on Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars and in my opinion PLL is doing it better.

I’m still a supporter of the show and I do wish for it to continue. Its still a well written show with the potential to grow. This news doesn’t help but anything is possible.

Why Can’t I Quit You?

So you’ve invested a few years of your life watching it, got to know the characters better than some of your family and friends but something doesn’t feel right. The characters you’ve grown to love have become stunted, the stories are repetitive and you’re left wondering what direction it can take.

The problem you have is that you can’t seem to let go quite yet. How and when do you do it?

Do you feel like if you stop watching the show, that you either might miss something or it will get better. As the episodes go on, you keep saying ‘the next time’; it will either get better or you will finally say goodbye. It’s a problem I seem to be faced with every season – which shows will I continue to watch and which ones will I drop. The struggle continues throughout the year because there are certain shows I just can’t seem to be able to shake off.

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Returning shows I’m looking forward to

After waiting all summer, the time has finally come for the shows that ended in May, to return. Thought there are many shows I’m looking forward to returning, there are some that I’m looking forward to more.

The Vampire Diaries
This show was one of the best new shows last year. It had the ability to keep me on the edge of my seat every episode and its finale was no different. It was a finale that had me buzzing about it weeks after I saw it. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it from the very first episode as I was rolling my eyes at yet another show about vampires but somehow it continues to be fresh.

Grey’s Anatomy
Like The Vampire Diaries, it was one of my favourite finales but for different reasons – it played upon the emotions. We were promised a game changer and it certainly delivered. How the characters deal with the aftermath is the question.

This show is in my top 5 shows and like the previous two, was one of my favourite finales. The show just keeps getting better with outstanding performances and storylines. With the alternative universe being shown more, the show looks to keep up its consistency of being something not to miss.

This is one of my favourite comedies and if you haven’t seen it already, just watch the episode Modern Warfare and you’ll be hooked. It has one of the best ensembles with funny and consistent writing. I shall continue to review the episodes on

Other shows that I’m looking forward to but just not as much
Life Unexpected
Modern Family
Cougar Town
The Middle
The Good Wife

Two shows that I was considering dropping form my viewing list were Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives but the casting of Katie Cassidy and Vanessa Williams respectively have breathed a new sense of anticipation for me and I shall keenly watch to see how both shows utilize the actresses.

Must Be The Music a breath of fresh air?

I have to admit that when I first saw the promos for Must Be The Music, sceptical was one of the words to describe my reaction. I rolled my eyes at the prospect of yet another reality music show.

Though I enjoy the initial audition stages of X Factor and Idol, I have grown tired of the latter stages of both these shows. The endless theme nights including songs that are performed every year have made be lose interest in the live shows.

No matter how well a singer performs week after week or how much I like them, it doesn’t guarantee I’ll buy their music. Just because you do an outstanding version of a Mariah Carey or Beatles song doesn’t mean I’ll purchase your album.

Too many times I’ve been disappointed by the music these acts release. This is where ‘Must Be The Music’ is different. The acts have the opportunity to play their own music straight away and the audience get the chance to judge it from the start.

The show is due to air the third and final semi final and the audience are given the chance to buy any of the songs performed by the fifteen semi finalists, with them receiving all of the profits. This has already paid off having seen Pepper a Piano, a duo from the first semi final, reach number seven in the official charts.

From the second semi final, current sales figures are showing that Emma’s Imagination might debut in the top ten also.

After my initial reaction, I’ve enjoyed the show. I like how it gives musicians a chance to showcase themselves fully and have their music available for the public to purchase.

Despite the show being on a digital channel, with viewing figures around 320,000, the chart position of Pepper and Piano shows this format can work.

I wonder what it would have been like if the songs were available on a physical format and not just downloads and if it was on one of the main channels that attract viewers in the millions. The real question is what kind of success will the eventual winner have.

Brits Prefer Ad Free World Cup Final

Now that the World Cup is over, normal TV schedule has resumed but what have we learned from the last game – Britain prefers to watch their football coverage without ad interruptions.

Over the tournament, coverage was equally shared between BBC and ITV but the final was the only game both channels broadcast at the same time. This was also shown on their HD channels.

18.4 million viewers watched Spain win over the four channels – BBC1, BBC HD, ITV1 and ITV1 HD.

Unlike the match, the rating figures weren’t even close. BBC’s audience was 15.1 million while ITV faired only 3.3 million. BBC HD contributed 1.45 million to the total BBC figure between 7.30pm and 10.15pm and ITV1 HD averaged 198,000 over the same period.

Quoted in The Guardian, the ITV director of television, Peter Fincham said, “I’m proud of what ITV Sport has achieved in South Africa, with Adrian Chiles and the entire team bringing our viewers coverage of the highest quality and offering a fresh perspective on the competition,”

“In the age of multichannel television, the television audiences achieved by both channels throughout the tournament are impressive, and I’m particularly pleased that ITV1 broadcast the two most-watched moments of the tournament with over 20 million watching each of England’s opening games.”

Unfortunately for ITV their “fresh perspective” didn’t count for much. Most people I know watched the final on the BBC, myself being one of them – one reason being no ads. Some even found the build up and analysis more superior on BBC. There’s no denying that Gary Lineker is an extremely popular presenter/ex-footballer and that’s part of the appeal. Who else could advertise crisps in some of the most ridiculous adverts and still have any credability at the end of it. I do know one person that watched it on ITV only because he didn’t realise it was also on the BBC.

When the viewers were left with a choice between the two, the BBC triumphed. This helps them with their push to use licence fees to pay for sports. ITV were criticised in the past for their coverage of the Premier League and they made no friends when their HD channel lost coverage during one of the group matches.

BBC has a long history of showing football and I think this counted in their favour. Some people are just so use to watching it on the BBC that I guess some of them didn’t want to break a habit of a lifetime.

Lost for the Final Time

The wait is nearly over and soon the last episode of Lost will be aired.

Some have been billing it the television event of the year and further proof of how momentous it is, the episode will be simulcast over parts of the world when it’s aired at the same time as the U.S. West Coast.

Sky1 in the UK, Fox Italia and Telecom Italia in Italy, Cuatro Spain, Fox Spain and Portugal, Digiturk Turkey, HOT Israel will broadcast the airing despite the time difference. While CTV Canada will broadcast the finale at the same time as the U.S. East Coast. Other international networks will air the finale in 24-48 of the broadcast.

It’s hard to fathom the significance of this simulcast which is normally reserved for award shows and sport events. I do wonder if other shows that have a big international audience will get the same chance to broadcast their final episode.

One thing that has helped this show is the fact there was a clear time frame for when the show was to end. Heroes, which was also an international hit was recently cancelled. If a rumoured 2 hour movie does happen will NBC do the same?

Over the past six seasons I’ve enjoyed the unexplained elements of Lost. There are many things that I don’t understand and I’m not sure I ever will. I believe there are questions that won’t be answered in the finale. Regardless of this I’ve enjoyed the whole series from the smoke monster to polar bears, time jumping to flash forwards, backwards and sideways.

One day I’ll sit down and watch all the episodes over again and I’m sure I’ll discover things that I missed the first time. Until then I’ve got my snacks ready to enjoy the ride for one final time.

The Bill to hang up its cuffs

I do have to say that hearing the news that ‘The Bill’ has been axed after 27 years, shocked me. Though I haven’t watched the show in over a decade, it’s one of those shows that that was part of the furniture when it comes to UK TV. With a show that runs for so long, you don’t think of an end.

They say the decision was a creative one and not a way to cut cost but with a reported 90 jobs at risk, its hard not to think that way.

It will be interesting to see what takes its place in the evening schedule; more reality TV, new UK drama or imports.