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‘Ravenswood’ Review: Scared to Death

So that happened. The mid-season finale has come and gone but has it left you begging for more? I have to say that these five episodes have left me feeling a little disappointed. There were parts that had me rolling my eyes and “Scared to Death” was no exception.

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

At this point, I’m just not that into the show. I still don’t think it was a good idea to start with only five episodes. Most ABC Family shows have started with more. I know they wanted to use the Pretty Little Liars halloween episode to help launch it and Pretty Little Liars will be Ravenswood’s lead-in when they both return in January. These five episodes have proved to be very forgettable.

So Haleb fans got a reunion of sorts. Do you feel cheated that it was just a phone call between Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Hanna (Ashley Benson)? What about when said he was ok being with Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) when he was sort of dead?

OK, enough of that.

Mr Collins (Steven Cabral) has some explaining to do. Raymond and Carla Grunwald (Meg Foster) are hiding a big secret, that required him to dig up Miranda’s grave and cut more of her hair to join his other ‘locks in jars’. I know Grunwald likes to look after people but does she also look after the ghosts stuck in town?

Dillion wasn’t driving around town this time. The boy has ulterior motives and wasn’t being a good boyfriend when he offered to help Olivia with Caleb’s box. Dillion and the creepy kid in the red coat mentioned that someone won’t be happy their plan failed; who is he?

I could go into the whole original Caleb and Miranda being married or the two corpses the cursed four found behind the wall. We could talk about Caleb waited a bit too longer after Miranda had left the haunted house and got hit out of the house to his temporary death. Note to Caleb, when a house is throwing things at you and you’re left with a ghost, she isn’t going to die if something falls on her or hits her in the back. You get out quickly especially after she leaves herself.

When the show returns, something big would have to happen to peak my interest. showing an old guy scared to death and a old haunted house isn’t going to cut the mustard. Some life needs to be breathed into the characters; raise the steaks higher so there’s more suspense. Other than the curse, the teenagers aren’t that interesting. Why should I care that they beat the curse?

Other notes:

  • Seems like Caleb and Miranda are the key to breaking the curse
  • Remy (Britne Oldford) is no longer Luke’s (Brett Dier) girlfriend (her words, not mine)
Written for Voice of TV

Written for Voice of TV

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