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‘Ravenswood’ Review: The Devil Has a Face

Our five teens are recovering from the seance. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is sitting in a towel, struggling for words to write in an email to Hanna (Ashley Benson) while Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) is popping up ogling the half-naked Caleb. That might not be completely true but the girl-ghost is developing feelings for her coach mate. With Remy’s (Britne Oldford) help, Caleb meets Henry, his namesakes brother. A game of chess, a weird visit and a set of keys make for more confusing going-ons.

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

While the others are keen to find answers, Luke (Brett Dier) wants to do the exact opposite. I don’t blame him for not wanting to jump straight into investigating the curse. He’s recently lost his father so he doesn’t want to go into if he should of died or if he has an impending death looming.

Raymond Collins (Steven Cabral) is becoming more creepy as the show goes on. Olivia (Merritt Patterson) plays spooky detective with Miranda which leads to a game of guess the contents of the drawers. Their discovery shows us that Miranda’s hair wasn’t the only lock of hair he cut post death. Olivia and Miranda discover his little creepy collection which also has Abigail’s and what seems to be the hair of the other four teens that died in her year.

The lock of hair Raymond cut from Miranda seemed to be the anchor tying her to the grounds so once she broke the glass jar, it was contained in, she found herself outside the grounds.

In my review of “Death and the Maiden” I mentioned the following:

One look from Raymond Collins (Steven Cabral) in Rochelle’s direction, outside the hospital, has me thinking that the two of them have history.

Now we know that Raymond and Rochelle have history. There’s a sense of familiarity that is more than just classmates; he shortened her name. Now Olivia has it in her head that Raymond might have something to do with her father’s death as the two didn’t get on.

With the latest object to fall in their direction, I feel like I’m watching missing scenes from a Final Destination film (is it time for another sequel).

After last week’s episode “The Devil Has a Face” seems like a bit of a let down. What lies behind all the spooky going-ons, is a show still trying to find its feet. Next week is the mid-season finale and this comes as a good and a bad thing.

The bad: I don’t think the show has done enough to win the viewers that are on the fence about continuing to watch.
The good: it gives the writers more time to work on the kinks and the second half of the season could be a big improvement.

Other notes:

  • Did Miranda really expect Luke to just answer her in front of the other students?
  • I think we should call her Olivia ‘Sorry’ Matheson
  • Has Miranda gone through her door, never to return again?
  • With ghost-girl and a now single sleepwalker (Remy), should Hanna be worried when she visits Ravenswood in the next episode?
Written for Voice of TV

Written for Voice of TV

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