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‘Ravenswood’ Review: Believe

‘Ravenswood’ ramped it up another level with an episode better than “Death and the Maiden.” I’m still not completely sold on the show but “Believe” takes a step in the right direction.

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

The main focus at the beginning of the episode is Miranda’s (Nicole Gale Anderson) funeral. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is the only one that can see her but that’s not the surprising thing. The surprise is how many people were at her funeral. Is it a small town thing? Are the residents of Ravenswood that creepy that they attend the funeral of someone who was only in town for five minutes or is Raymond (Steven Cabral) more popular than he lets on.

With Caleb there, Remy (Britne Oldford) tells Olivia (Merritt Patterson) and Luke (Brett Dier) about the pattern of the five teens dying. While they aren’t quick to believe her theory, things happen to make Olivia move into the believe column.

The murder of Charles Matheson becomes a key element in the five dead teens pattern as Olivia and Luke learn that their father’s dead girlfriend, Abigail Wheeler was contacting him beyond the grave. Olivia sees Abby twice and this becomes part of the reason for her suggesting they have a seance.

By the end of the episode, everybody is shook up from the seance and Miranda is seen by the other members of the ‘five that should have died’ club.

What is yet to be determined is how Terry Beaumont (Sophina Brown) is the only survivor from her unit. What we do know is that she definitely should have died so is she really alive or something that just can’t be explained?

Here comes my theory: I think Five Pact is a suicide pact made between five teenagers. Now i’m thinking that maybe one or more of the ‘Five Pact’ didn’t go through with it so the curse keeps killing five teens. The ghost of the those that died keeps haunting the town. My other theory is that five teens did something bad to one person that resulted in a death and that dead person is the one going after the five teens. I’m sure I’ll change my mind at the end of the next episode.

Other notes:

  • Does Carla Grunwald (Meg Foster) sense spirits or does she normally just stop in the middle of hallways?
  • Who’s going around telling people that seances are a good idea.
  • “Safe in Ravenswood” really. Did you have to say that?
  • After being asked if Caleb has school, he replied “We’re on a long break” Sometimes I forget that they are high-schoolers.
Written for Voice of TV

Written for Voice of TV

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