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‘Ravenswood’ Review: Death and the Maiden

The end of last week’s episode saw the car carrying Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), Remy (Britne Oldford), Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson), Olivia (Merritt Patterson) and Luke (Brett Dier) drive off the bridge, struggling to get out of the sinking car. If you happened to see any of the released photos before the episode aired, then you would have guessed that one person didn’t survive. Miranda, who grabbed the steering wheel as Remy was driving, died. Miranda was the only one to see the “person” in the road. Miranda’s death felt a bit underwhelming. Was it because I had seen the photos before the episode? The answer to my question is no. There was something missing for me that felt a little disconnected. It’s hard to convey the same kind of emotion for a character’s death when you’ve only just introduced them and the characters on screen know the deceased as long as the viewer. I always say that if you’re gonna have a death within the first couple of episodes then there’s got to be something there to substitute the emotion you usually convey.

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

The conflict in the episode mostly centred around Luke. Confronting Springer (Brock Kelly), fighting Caleb and what might seem to be the weekly ‘stay away from Remy’ beat. There’s obviously a big secret surrounding the state of Rochelle Matheson’s (Laura Allen) marriage to her late husband. One look from Raymond Collins (Steven Cabral) in Rochelle’s direction, outside the hospital, has me thinking that the two of them have history.

It was interesting to see the roles Simon and Terry Beaumont played with Remy at home. Simon was questioning Remy like a journalist/police officer while Terry told him to back off. I’ve seen plenty of shows where the father does the questioning while the mother comforts. Even though they followed these roles, I took something different from this scene. It sort of felt like Simon was the parent that had been away for a while and didn’t quite know how he should be with Remy. For me this provides some insight into Remy’s relationship with her father. We’ve seen Simon as the boss as well as the disapproving father. Is there more to him?

The character, Miranda might be dead but she’s not gone. Questions arise to what kind of ghost she is. Is she tied to the house? Will the other survivors of the accident be able to see her? Will one of them be next? As five are meant to die will this be like Final Destination and death will catch up with them eventually? Ok, I went too far with the last one but they are valid questions.

The episode is a little slow in parts as it digs deeper into the relationships of the main characters. Other than ghost Miranda, the supernatural elements are currently only happening in places where Caleb is; though Remy is getting her own taste of it. I don’t think this was as good as the pilot and I’m not immediately invested at the same point as I was with Pretty Little Liars. I don’t want to compare it but Ravenswood hasn’t completely sold me yet.

Other notes:

  • Remy sleepwalks into the path of a car
  • There is always a dog at scrapyards/car pounds
  • Caleb doesn’t tell Hanna about Miranda’s death
  • No wonder the police haven’t solved the murder of Luke and Olivia’s father. They’re too busy serving Caleb coffee refills
Written for Voice of TV

Written for Voice of TV


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