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‘Ravenswood’ Review: Pilot

We had our glimpse of the creepy town known as Ravenswood in a couple of Pretty Little Liars episodes and now we finally get a weekly appointment. If you’re a Pretty Little Liar fan then I think you won’t be too disappointed. Instead of text messages and the mystery of ‘A’, Ravenswood goes for a more spooky and creepy vibe. Whatever is going on, it doesn’t make you want to advertise the town as a holiday destination. What we do know is things don’t necessarily go bump just at night.

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is the character link from Pretty Little Liars and we saw him at the start of his journey, to the town, at the end of Pretty Little Liars’ summer finale. He is also featured in Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode which then leads into the first Ravenswood episode. He isn’t the only recognisable face; Carla Grunwald (Meg Foster) was featured in the previous trips to Ravenswood. Raymond Collins (Steven Cabral) is Miranda’s uncle and the main reason for her visiting the town.

Caleb and Miranda (Nicole Gale) found gravestones with their names and faces but this isn’t the only creepy thing that happens. Throughout the episode, the writers try to establish some background into the other main characters. Remy Oldford (Britne Oldford) works at the newspaper with her father. Caleb meets Remy when looking for information on obituaries. Remy’s mother recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan, where she was the only survivor from her unit. This fact is part of a theory of things that happen in the town. Luke (Brett Dier) is Remy’s boyfriend and the brother to Oliva ‘Liv’ (Merritt Patterson). Their father was murdered and the residents believe their mother committed the crime.

Its hard to try and introduce a number of characters at the same time, without the episode being to clunky. I think the episode does a good job of laying the foundations without overloading the viewer. Though there are many elements that work, there was one thing that made me laugh because I saw it coming. Once Remy mentioned five teenagers dying after a solider returned home, it was a case of seeing how the writers were going to have the five teens fighting for their lives. If the five do survive, they should make it a rule that Miranda stays in the back. All jokes aside, we are left with the cliffhanger of the five sticking the car in the water; do they all survive?

The episode is entertaining and you really have to keep your eye on everything. I hope it doesn’t fall into using too many predictable plot devices. One of the things it has in its favor, is staff from Pretty Little Liars being behind the show. I do wonder how the ‘supernatural’ elements will work throughout the season. Whether it can have the success that Pretty Little Liars remains to be seen.


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