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‘Last Resort’ Review: Blue Water

Sam (Scott Speedman) and James (Daniel Lissing) leave the island on a rescue mission that finds them looking for Christine (Jessy Schram) in Manilla, Philippines. James takes Sam to meet Bullfrog (Jason Beghe), a former SEAL, to help get information to lead them to Christine’s location.

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

A Chinese diplomat has arrived on the island with an offer to protect and provide the crew with provisions. Marcus (Andre Braugher) finds himself in a situation where provisions are depleted and the prison is increasing. He has to make a choice between China, Serrat (Sahr Ngaujah) or neither.

We find out it has been six days since Prosser (Robert Patrick) was taken and left in the woods by Serrat and his men. He’s not handling things as he’s back on the drugs. Though he tells Grace (Daisy Betts) about being taken and left in the woods, he’s left a crucial piece of information out. He doesn’t really like her so I wasn’t expecting Prosser to tell Grace.

I know the SEALs are use to bursting into places but Barry Hopper (David Rees Snell) could have at least knocked instead of just standing in Kylie’s (Autumn Reeser) apartment.  He’s willing to give up the footage that has him fabricating evidence. He’s asking for six million (to split between him and James) for the memory card but the government is after him.

I found the first half of the episode a little flat. Sam and James’s rescue mission was too quick and easy. I wasn’t expecting a 10 minute scene but something with a bit more effort. Christine was captured for a reason so I was expecting more of a fight. In terms of this arc, it didn’t really pick up until Sam and Christine were saying goodbye and they were attacked. The double-cross by Bullfrog also made the second half of the episode better. I usually find the island story-arcs more interesting but I didn’t find it as engaging as past episodes. This was the episode I enjoyed the least and might have received a different grade if it wasn’t for the last few minutes.

I’m glad they addressed the issue of the family members that died. They could have easily brushed over this part. We get only see Petty Officer Kevin Hawkes’ (Michael King) reaction, though there was more than one person shot.

There are only three episodes left before Last Resort comes to a conclusion. I know that the writers had time to write an ending to tie things up. I’m not sure if it was just episode thirteen that the changes were made. I’m weary that the last episode might end up being just a rush job and it will affect the quality.

Last Resort will be back in January as it airs its final three episodes.

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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