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‘Last Resort’ Review: Cinderella Liberty

Last Resort answers the biggest question when the truth of what happened in Pakistan is finally revealed in “Cinderella Liberty.”

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

The families of the Colorado crew members are on their way to visit the island when they are taken hostage by Pakistani soldiers. “Cinderella Liberty” shows the repercussions of the SEALS mission in Pakistan and how it’s has political and personal links to the hostage situation.

Chaplin (Andre Braugher) himself in a difficult situation. The Pakistani soldiers want him to fire at India or the crew’s family members die. Part of the problem is that Chaplin’s firing key is still missing.

Guilt plays a huge part in the episode. In James’ (Daniel Lissing) case, it’s been on the surface from the first episode and we finally get to understand why. In a series of flashback’s we learn about the mission, what happened and how Hopper (David Rees Snell) was shot. Having the same Lieutenant, which was involved in their mission in Pakistan, on the boat really adds another dimension to the whole situation.

Cortez (Jessica Camacho) is dealing with the fact that her mission to steal the firing key is preventing Chaplin from firing the missile on India. Watching as her fellow crew sees their loved ones being killed brings Cortez to give up the key anonymously. No one is the wiser to her status as the CIA mole.

It was obvious that once Grace (Daisy Betts) showed Chaplin she had the missing key in her possession, that he would assume her guilt. He might not have been forthcoming about certain things with but Chaplin telling Grace about the mole is putting a little trust into her. Chaplin has given Grace the opportunity to prove her innocence and find the mole.

Before Paul (Jay Hernandez) is killed, he expresses his guilt for not being truthful with Christine (Jessy Schram) and he ends up saving her.

One instance of guilt that they didn’t play on is Sam’s (Scott Speedman) guilt for kissing Sophie (Camille de Pazzis) during his hallucinations. Sam and Christine don’t get to have their fairytale reunion as Christine is taken away by one of the SEALS with ‘new orders.’

We get the chance to meet Kylie’s (Autumn Reeser) older brother who is played by Sam Page. While the main focus is elsewhere, we see Kylie worry about the situation happening on the captured boat. Kylie might have initially fought for the Colorado for other reasons but she gained a friendship with Christine.

Prosser (Robert Patrick) doesn’t show up for shift and we’ve yet to see how he’s dealing after Serrat (Sahr Ngaujah) and his men gave him drugs. We also don’t find out anything more about Hal Anders (Michael Mosley) and if he’s evaded Serrat.

“Cinderella Liberty” grabs you as you see the struggle that Chaplin has. While I didn’t enjoy it as much as “Skeleton Crew” or the pilot, I did find it more enjoyable than the previous two episodes.

This week’s questions:

  • Where is Prosser?
  • Why did the orders change for Hopper to frame the doctor and have him killed?

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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