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‘Last Resort’ Review: Voluntold

If you can’t trust your crew members then who can you trust. It’s a something that Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) and XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) have to figure out very quickly. They have officially been charged with treason against the United States and unrest is growing within the crew of the Colorado. Marcus gives the crew a big decision to make; stay or go home.

Photo courtesy of ABC

Photo courtesy of ABC

Secretary of Defense William Curry (Jay Karnes) sent communication to the submarine with an order to kill Marcus. A few of the crew members see the order and one of them shoots at Marcus.

Pilar Cortez (Jessica Camacho) and Seaman Josh Brannan (Will Rothhaar) lie to Sam about what happened while they were captured by Julian Serrat (Sahr Ngaujah) and what lead up to the death of Redman (Chad Michael Collins). Josh isn’t dealing with his role in Redman’s death and he ends up taking the submarine with a grenade in his hand. Though many of the crew signed up to leave, hearing Curry ordering Josh to blow up the submarine changes a lot of minds.

It was good to see SEAL Officer James King (Daniel Lissing) with the rest of his crew. The show has spent a lot of time building the relationship of James and Tani (Dichen Lachman) that it has often left his story isolated from what is going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if some viewers forgot that some of his crew was still alive on the island. James asked one of the questions I’ve been wanted answering. Even though we’re no step closer to knowing what happened in Pakistan, at least the matter was addressed.

Paul Wells (Jay Hernandez) is starting to plant himself into Christine Kendal’s (Jessy Schram) life. With no money, no support and the press outside her house, Christine is in a vulnerable place and Paul is looking to capitalize on it.

From the first two episodes I thought Master Chief Joseph Prosser (Robert Patrick) was going to be a big thorn in Marcus’ side but he’s proving that he’s anything but. While he doesn’t agree with Marcus’ actions, he’s willing to put that to one side for the better of the submarine and the crew. As he’s made where he stands very clear, I believe that Prosser can become pivotal in the crew’s survival. I also believe that the pure fact that Prosser wants to see Marcus, Sam and Lieutenant Grace Shepard (Daisy Betts) court marshaled might prove that he will be more trustworthy than some of the other crew members.

By the look of Kylie Sinclair’s (Autumn Reeser) face to seeing Christine reaction on TV, I don’t believe she will leave Admiral Shepard (Bruce Davison) fighting on his own for the truth. I think there’s more to Bennett Sinclair’s (Michael Gaston) willingness to give up Kylie’s harddrive. How big a part he plays in the grand scheme is to be determined. He might even be part of it but has maybe been put in a situation where he has no choice.

Last Resort has the ability to make you care about the welfare of the crew; even those we haven’t seen yet. It also makes me question what I would do in that situation. The crew members have been put in a difficult situation; follow your captain or go back to the country that fired on you. You wouldn’t even know what you were going back to.

I had an issue with the quick jump from submarine to island to submarine that Marcus, Sam and Grace had during “Voluntold.” I actually wondered if a couple of scenes where necessary or if they could have had a different location. Other than that I found the scenes with the crew engrossing.

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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