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‘Revenge’ Review: Reckoning

Well I’m still trying to make sense of everything that happened and I mean that in a good way. A lot happened in the season finale and I can’t wait for the show to return. I couldn’t give the episode an A+ but I did enjoy the episode, as I enjoyed the whole season.

REVENGE - "Reckoning"

Emily (Emily VanCamp) finally got her chance to come face-to-face with the man that murdered David (James Tupper). Emily is a girl with many tricks. Just when you think she might be beaten, she literally pulls something from her sleeve and frees Nolan (Gabriel Mann) from chains. Remembering something her father said, stops her from killing the white-haired man (James Morrison). Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) makes sure Daniel (Joshua Bowman) finds out about Emily and Jack (Nick Wechsler) kissing. I don’t think leaking the photo of Daniel to the press, was having Daniel’s back, Ashley. She really is showing how far she’s willing to go to get somewhere and Ashley looks like she’s far from stopping

The truth leads to Emily and Daniel splitting up. Daniel is really turning into the man he was trying to avoid earlier in the season. I was hoping that there was a part of him that would be noble about the truth but he seems to have truly buried that side. Talking about children becoming their parents, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) really got the part nailed. Anytime Charlotte smiled, I couldn’t help think about those fake smiles Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) has pulled throughout the season. Unfortunately Charlotte has made things so bad with Declan (Connor Paolo) she can’t turn to him when she needs him the most.

With all the money Conrad (Henry Czerny) has he couldn’t buy loyalty from Lydia (Amber Valletta). It’s amazing how the threat of a murder charge leads Lydia to change her mind about testifying against Conrad. Seriously Lydia, the other things weren’t bad enough.

While “Reckoning” is a wonderful ride, I couldn’t help wonder when the twist was going to come in. Everything was ticking away too easily for there not to be anything to help set up the next season and boy did they come. The twists garnered entirely different reactions to what I thought I would have.

It was never going to be easy for Emily and Jack to get together and I thought the spanner in the works would be Jack not being able to accept that Emily had been lying to him all this time. Fauxmanda (Margarita Levieva) is back and while others might be annoyed by her reappearance, her return just adds more questions then I already have about her. It’s only taken me a couple of episodes to finally put aside the biggest question I had about her whereabouts. Now she’s back with no explanation and she’s pregnant.

The plane crash was obvious the moment the white-haired man told Conrad about the trip to Washington. It was also made obvious when Conrad warned Victoria that if she got on the plane, it would be the last one she would take. I’m so convinced that the creators would be mad to let Madeleine Stowe leave the show that I’m highly certain Victoria isn’t on the plane. I’m fully ready for season two to reveal that this is all some sort of plan.

The other twist that I wasn’t expecting is the reveal about Emily’s mother being alive. A couple of week’s ago I was trying to remember what was said about her mother and I was fully prepared to re-watch the season over the summer. Adding the twist about her mother, gives Emily a whole new problem to deal with, setting things up for season two.

There have been so many positives from the show but I have to mention a few people that have really stood out for me; Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann and Henry Czerny have pulled out exceptionally performances with their characters. I don’t want to take away anything from the rest of the cast but these four have been the main heroes and villains and have been excellent, especially in scenes that they’ve been in together.

Revenge has been a brilliant addition to the television schedule. It has me more excited, to watch the show, then some of the more established shows I watch. My biggest hope for the upcoming season is that the quality doesn’t suffer too much and it does fall into too many bad habits.

Questions that I will be asking during the long summer break:

  • Where has Satoshi Takeda (Hiroyuki Sanada) had Amanda all this time?
  • Is Jack really the father?
  • Why is Amanda back?
  • Is Amanda’s return part of Takeda’s plan?
  • Who is really on that plane?
  • Where’s Emily’s mother been all this time?
  • Who is really on the crashed plane?
  • Is David Clarke really dead? (I’ve been wondering this all season)
  • Has Ashley now set her sights on Daniel?

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