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‘Revenge’ Review: Grief

After last week’s flashback episode Revenge is back in the present and there’s so much going on. Lydia (Amber Valletta) is back and not just in last week’s flashback; she’s been staying with Conrad (Henry Czerny). Daniel (Joshua Bowman) is still standing by his father while Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is doing all she can to get rid of Conrad.

REVENGE - "Grief"

It’s rare to see Emily (Emily VanCamp) showing emotion beyond the façade but we get that side of her in “Grief.” Whether or not her frustration with Daniel and grand wedding plans, are part of the act or genuine, is another thing. We do see raw emotion as Emily and Jack (Nick Wechsler) watch Sammy die. We also see a long awaited kiss between Emily and Jack and Ashley (Ashley Madekwe), creepily watching outside Emily’s house. The Emily and Jack fans will be happy by the progress but what does it mean in the context of Emily’s plan. Emily’s feelings for Jack have always been beneath the surface. If Emily has genuine feelings for Daniel, then he’s losing major points by essentially being just like Conrad and covering the truth. I still think Daniel’s loyalty to Conrad isn’t 100% and the redeeming qualities, that set him apart from his parents, are still there.

Dr. Ray Clemons (Marcus Giamatti) had obvious not heard of the Graysons or he would have known that the suggested group session, for Charlotte (Christa B. Allen), would be an awful idea. In typical fashion, Conrad and Victoria manage to show how bad they are when they’re in a room together. No wonder they both had affairs. How on earth did they manage to stay married so long? Between her parents and thinking Declan (Connor Paolo) has moved on, Charlotte finds herself buying a huge amount of pills; could that bag be any bigger.

Unfortunately Sammy’s death comes at a pivotal time. Emily’s one-track mind, in killing the white-haired man (James Morrison), keeps getting thwarted. First it is the wedding plans and then Nolan (Gabriel Mann) gives her the wrong address to go to. Between Nolan and his aunt, Carole (Tess Harper), they try to steer Emily from going a step too far.

It seems like no matter how rich Nolan is, he is guilty of owning a thin disguise. Surely he could have come up with something better then just the mustache. It’s not like he’s dealing with a murderer, oh wait. As if Nolan didn’t go through enough when Tyler (Ashton Holmes) tied him up, now the white-haired man has him.

My favorite line from Nolan to Emily has to be, “You maybe a lot of things; black belt in karate, impeccable dresser and a certified sociopath but you’re not a killer.” Emily might have turned to look at Nolan after the sociopath comment but she didn’t bat an eyelid or deny it.

“Grief” is definitely a better episode then “Legacy.” The promo tease tells me that the season finale isn’t one to be missed and I can’t wait for it.

This week’s questions:

  • What will Daniel really do with the evidence Victoria gave him?
  • What’s with all the clocks in the grey-haired man’s house?
  • Who is the white-haired man’s boss?
  • Can the white haired man have a name now?
  • How did Jack not look in the one place Sammy has been running off to all season?
  • Why was Ashley lurking outside Emily’s at night?
  • What is Ashley going to do with the knowledge of Emily and Jack kissing?

The season finale of Revenge airs on ABC on Wednesday May 23rd at 10/9c

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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