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‘Desperate Housewives’ Review: Give Me the Blame / Finishing the Hat

Since the show premiered in 2004, Desperate Housewives has become a hit in both the US and abroad, winning many awards. After various births, deaths, marriages and breakups, we took one last trip down Wisteria Lane, in the two-hour finale. The episodes had all the kind of elements that has been shown during the show’s eight seasons.
Desperate Housewives

“Give Me the Blame” is the first episode of the finale and it deals with Bree’s (Marcia Cross) murder trial. Things don’t look good for Bree as Trip (Scott Bakula) can’t seem to find a way to defend her when he doesn’t know the truth. Ben (Charles Mesure) is called to the stand but he doesn’t answer D.A. Stone’s (Christina Chang) questions, landing him in jail.

Forcing her hand, Renee (Vanessa Williams) testifies that Bree had a shovel the night of the murder, to keep the D.A. from deporting Ben.

In a funny turn of events, while Gabrielle is busy trying to stop Carlos from confessing so she can instead, a dying Karen McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten) beats Gabrielle and confesses to killing Alejandro (Tony Plana). Did I miss the moment when Gabrielle learned to sow or was I so shocked that I blanked it out of my mind?

Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and Tom (Doug Savant) finally reconcile. Words from Roy (Orson Bean) make Tom see that life’s too short. The revolving camera shot, as Lynette and Tom kissed, seemed a bit overkill. Using this romantic movie cliché didn’t need to be used and I’m surprised it wasn’t raining during the scene.

“Finishing the Hat” sees Dana Delany returning as Katherine Mayfair and Renee and Ben’s wedding. All this time I thought Renee was a fashionista but that wedding dress wasn’t anything I thought she would wear. Also what happened to the bridesmaid dress that Lynette didn’t want to wear?

Katherine returns as a successful business woman who wants Lynette to head up her operations in New York. Once again Lynette shows elements to why things were so troublesome for her and Tom but he encourages her to take the job. Karen breathes her last breath but not before she helps Trip and Bree get together.

Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) and Carlos come (Ricardo Chavira) full circle, with Gabrielle neglecting Carlos because of work and buying him expensive gifts. The writers even acknowledged Gabrielle’s affair with John (Jesse Metcalfe) when Carlos hires a female gardener.

Julie’s (Andrea Bowen) waters break on Renee’s wedding dress and this leads to a comedy of scenes which include Gabrielle stealing a new wedding dress for Renee and Susan (Teri Hatcher) stealing the limo, they were all travelling in.

One by one, they show how the four main women end up leaving Wisteria Lane. It has been an interesting eight seasons; some of it good and some of it bad. There have been times that I’ve nearly quit watching the show but I never did. In the two-hour finale, it had comedy and drama, a birth, a death a reconciliation and a marriage; just a summary of the type of things that has happened over the years. The last scene of some of the dead characters, watching Susan drive off, is an excellent touch. The characters included Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) and Mike (James Denton). It was a chance to remember some of the characters over the years and it was a fitting way to finish.

Photo credit: ABC

Originally written for The Voice of TV

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