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‘Desperate Housewives’ Review: The People Will Hear

The penultimate Sunday before Desperate Housewives draws to a close sees the start of Bree’s (Marcia Cross) murder trial and she seems a little preoccupied. Bree is developing feelings for Trip (Scott Bakula) and jealously nearly stops private investigator, Lindsay (Brit Morgan) from working on her case.


Lynette (Felicity Huffman) gets Tom’s (Doug Savant) boss, Gregg (Reed Diamond) to send someone else to Mumbai. Unfortunately Tom loses his job after punching Gregg for calling Lynette a bitch, amongst other things. Tom finally admits to himself and Jane (Andrea Parker) that he’s still in love with Lynette. When it seems like Tom is confess his feelings to Lynette, he sees a man taking off her dress for Renee’s (Vanessa Williams) wedding. What Tom doesn’t know is that man is Lee (Kevin Rahm). The misunderstanding is one more obstacle preventing the Scavo’s from reuniting.

Julie (Andrea Bowen) is finding that her arrangement with Porter (Charles Carver) might not work out as well as she hopes. This and the memories of Mike (James Denton) around the house prompts Susan (Teri Hatcher) to make the decision to sell up and move to help Julie. Even though it’s under different circumstances, I can’t help remembering Susan’s intention to move to New York to paint. If she does go through with the move then not only will she be leaving her friends but also the memory of both her children’s fathers dying on the lane. You can’t really blame Susan for wanting a fresh start.

While the other women are having trouble dealing with Bree’s possible conviction, Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) has no trouble sleeping. In fact she has her head in the clouds about the whole situation. Throughout this episode, I couldn’t help wondering why Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) wasn’t featured at all. Maybe the writers thought it was best for her to go through the journey herself but it seemed a little weird that he wasn’t featured. We’ve seen Carlos’ guilt play out of for most of the season and Gabrielle’s reaction was at first to ignore and then be strong for her family. It’s only know that she’s realizing that what will keep her family together can send her friend to jail.

The episode falters in some of its attempts to be funny. While the father of the baby, fainting while watching a birthing video is funny, it’s been done many times before. The writers should have put a spin on it to make it seem like a fresh joke. Also though Lynette’s bridesmaid dress wasn’t the best, it wasn’t truly awful. I’ve seen worse and they could have pushed it a little. With a lot of serious stories, maybe it would have been better to forgo the funny aspects and just concentrate on the serious ones. The show has always been known for its mixture of drama and comedy but in “The People Will Hear,” the comedy feels too forced.

Next week is the two-hour series finale and there are still some things to wrap up. Here are a few questions that I’m looking forward to being answered:

  • Will Bree go to prison?
  • Will Gabrielle or Carlos step up and tell the truth?
  • Will Tom and Lynette get back together?
  • Will Lynette ever stop trying to control Tom’s life?
  • Is Susan really leaving Wisteria Lane?
  • Will the police ever find out it was Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) who killed Chuck Vance (Jonathan Cake)?
  • Will Renee and (Vanessa Williams) and Ben’s (Charles Mesure) wedding go without a hitch?

The Desperate Housewives two-hour series finale airs on ABC at 9/8c on Sunday May 13th

Photo credit: ABC

Originally written for The Voice of TV

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