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‘Revenge’ Review: Absolution

“I’ll kill him” are the strong words Emily (Emily VanCamp) utters as she tells Nolan (Gabriel Mann) what she’ll do to the man that killed her father. Family is one of the reasons for people’s actions on Revenge; whether it’s to protect or get revenge. This is very evident in “Absolution.” Fresh from finding out Conrad (Henry Czerny) played a part in David’s (James Tupper) murder, Emily is on the trail to finding out the truth. She finds David’s assistant who also happens to be related to Nolan. A fake death wasn’t that hard to hide seeing as Emily found out within a couple of days. How many times is Nolan going to find himself on Emily’s angry side? It doesn’t last for long but for that split moment it looks like she’s gonna kill him or never call him again.

REVENGE - "Absolution"

Daniel (Joshua Bowman) is released from prison following Lee’s (Derek Ray) ‘confession and suicide.’ It seems like its tell Daniel the truth day as Jack (Nick Wechsler) tells him that he was on the beach, after Tyler (Ashton Holmes) was murdered. Also Conrad tells Daniel the truth about ‘taking care’ of David and Lee. Now Emily knows what Daniel has chosen, I wonder if she’s gonna be less protective of him. I also wonder what this means for Jack and what Daniel will do with the information. Sometimes Daniel’s intentions are a little hard to read. He’s proved to be easily manipulated in the past but he’s not stupid. Even though he’s publicly standing by his father, I can’t help feeling he’s got something up his sleeve.

In a rare moment, we see Emily in a scene with Charlotte (Christa B. Allen), where she finds a photo of her father in prison. It’s taken a while but finally Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is taking some action in regards to Charlotte. Charlotte and Victoria have a real touching scene and it seems like Victoria is more open to talking about David. Charlotte abvisously hasn’t taken a page from Victoria’s book because it took her far too long to pull the ‘my father pays your tuition’ card with Declan (Connor Paolo). If she had then that little factor would have been mentioned the moment Declan publicly mentioned Charlotte’s pill problem. It was almost like it was forgotten and the school scenes were a reminder that Declan was now going to the same school as Charlotte.

Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) has been slowly engineering herself into a better position than Victoria’s party planner. It took a while but Victoria figures out it that it was Ashley who leaked the photo of Daniel on the beach. The revelation stops Benjamin Brooks (Courtney B. Vance) from offering Ashley a job. There’s a part of me that thinks Victoria has known for a while and only played the card when Ashley gave her notice. Conrad isn’t too fussed as he offers her a job at Grayson Global. She better carry some anti-bacteria gel because her hands are going to get really dirty.

Next week is the flashback episode to 2002, where we see what was happening at the time of Lydia’s (Amber Valletta) photograph. I’ve been looking forward to this episode, since I heard they were going to do it and I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

This week’s questions:

  • Seriously when do we find out Amanda’s (Margarita Levieva) fate?
  • Is Daniel turning into his parents?
  • Will Grayson Global crumble in the face of the investigation or has Conrad got a plan?
  • Has Ashley signed a deal with the devil?
  • Has Emily’s plan for Daniel changed now he knows the truth about David and is currently doing nothing with it?
  • How does Charlotte figure into Emily’s plan?

Revenge airs on ABC at 10/9c on Wednesdays

Photo credit: ABC

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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