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‘Desperate Housewives’ Review: Lost My Power

There are a couple of weeks to go before we say our final goodbye to the residents of Wisteria Lane. “Lost My Power” features Doris Roberts and Reed Diamond guest starring, while Scott Bakula reprises his role as Trip Weston.


Doris Roberts plays Doris, a rich widower who becomes Gabrielle’s (Eva Longoria) latest client. Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) sees the opportunity to get a donator for his charity organization. Carlos has had a big journey this season. From his guilt to his alcohol addiction, he has been evolving. Gabrielle reminds him that one thing has stayed the same; he’s a shark. Though that’s not what he wants to be, he found a way to get Doris to donate. The dance he did in front of Gabrielle is proof of that it wasn’t just about him doing something good, he wanted to win. Now the question is will he find his way to become the better man he wants to be or just another version of what he was.

Reed Diamond plays Tom’s (Doug Savant) boss, Lee McDermott. Lynette (Felicity Huffman) uses Lee to ruin Tom’s plans with Jane (Andrea Parker). While making Tom work when he’s meant to be away with Jane, is one thing, Lee takes it to the extreme by wanting to relocate Tom to Mumbai, India. You would have thought that by now Lynette would know that her manipulations come back to hit her in the face. Lee likes Lynette and he’s using the situation to get closer to her. Tom still hasn’t filled the divorce papers and its clear he still has feelings for Lynette. Lynette has some work to do before Tom finds out about Lee’s plans.

Bree (Marcia Cross) is facing the next stage of her charge and she’s getting closer to Trip Weston (Scott Bakula). One of the reasons that Bree is such a fascinating character is that despite all the things she has done, she still carries herself a certain way. From the outside, people might see her as a virtuous person but looks can be deceiving, as Trip finds out through the witness list of Bree’s one night stands. This is also evident in how she judges others. A perfect example is when she’s having dinner with Trip and he mentions that he defended someone who ran a brothel.

While I might accuse Bree of not facing the reality of possibly being found guilty of Alejandro’s (Tony Plana) death, Ben (Charles Mesure) is fully aware how it can affect Renee (Vanessa Williams). She may not know the truth but her suspicion of Ben’s involvement prompts her to get the truth out of him, once they’re married. Ben’s subpoena throws the possibility of Mike’s (James Denton) name being dragged into, though I doubt Ben will ever reveal his involvement.

I’m glad Susan (Teri Hatcher) and MJ’s (Mason Vale Cotton) storyline happened as it would have been easy to leave MJ’s arc with him coming to terms with his anger. He faced the issue of his school holding a father and son soapbox derby. While the scenes had some comical moments, it really touched upon what children and parents within a single parent setup go through. There’s no way I couldn’t mention Susan’s attempt to make the car by using duck tape to hold the wood together. It’s a scary thought of a child seriously racing in that contraption.

While Lynette’s storyline was ‘been here done it before’ there were some touching and comical scenes within the other storylines. This was mainly the Susan/MJ and Ben/Renee scenes.

Desperate Housewives airs on ABC 9/8c on Sundays

Photo credit: ABC

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