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‘Desperate Housewives’ Review: With So Little to Be Sure Of

The heat is on Bree (Marcia Cross) as Detective Murphy (Michael Dempsey) is on her case and he won’t give up. Still angry at Bree for dumping Chuck Vance (Jonathan Cake), Murphy thinks that she had some part in Chuck’s death. So hell bent on proving Bree’s guilt, Murphy is now tampering with evidence. Luckily for Bree she has Trip Weston (Scott Bakula) defending her. Bree’s going to need his help if she wants to save herself without implicating the others involved.

I wonder if the writers are going to resolve the murder of Chuck Vance (Jonathan Cake) before the end of the season. Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) is currently in the wind and all the focus is on Bree. My worry is that, as the writers start to wrap everything up, some elements of this storyline might end up being a disappointment.

Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) ‘operation get Tom (Doug Savant) back’ hits a huge bump in the road when Jane (Andrea Parker) delivers the divorce papers signed by Tom. Jane’s insecurities are plain to see and her actions push Tom further away. Jane has not done herself any favors in her bid for Tom’s heart. Tom not taking the papers and him pulling away from Jane shows that he’s already confused about what to do. Lynette might have signed the papers but nothing is official. As Tom said, he will always care for Lynette but does he care enough not to make the divorce official and give the marriage another chance.

While clearing out Mike’s (James Denton) clothes with Lee (Kevin Rahm), Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher) finds a locked box. What seems like evidence of a secret love child turns out to be drawings from Mike’s sister. This is something he never told Susan about and only found out himself eight years prior. The truth about Mike’s mother giving up her child hits Julie (Andrea Bowen) hard. The revelation helps change Julie’s mind about giving up her baby.

Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) has found the right combination to help her succeed in personal shopping; flirting and making herself seem available. Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) is unhappy with the flirting and also the fact that Gabrielle is now the main provider. This dynamic is probably the most interesting of the episode. Carlos made his decision to quit his job to do something more fulfilling but he still doesn’t seem happy. Call it male pride or something else but he has an issue with Gabrielle’s new position of the house. Maybe she is over mentioning the fact she’s the provider and maybe his pride is getting in the way. I’m intrigued to see where the writers take the couple of the last couple of episodes, especially with the murder investigation.

“With So Little to Be Sure Of” is one of those episodes that don’t particularly stand out. It isn’t a bad episode but it isn’t an excellent episode. There just aren’t enough good elements to enjoy the episode as a whole. The inclusion of Scott Bakula is a light in the episode but he wasn’t featured enough. Now there are only a couple of episodes left until the end and I hope they don’t disappoint.

Desperate Housewives airs on ABC 9/8c on Sundays

Photo credit: ABC

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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