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‘Desperate Housewives’ Review: Get Out of My Life

“It’s all coming together perfectly.” Pretty much sums up how easily Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) is manipulating Bree (Marcia Cross). In this case and with Gaby (Eva Longoria) taking advantage of Roy (Orson Bean) and Karen McCluskey’s (Kathryn Joosten) breakup, it shows how the vulnerable are so easily manipulated.

The main question of this season has now been answered; Orson is the one that has been watching Bree and sent her the notes. He’s found a way to work himself back into Bree’s life and she’s taking it in, one lie at a time. It’s amazing that because she’s in a very low state, she’s forgotten why their relationship didn’t work.

Though it’s revealed that Orson drives, they don’t show if he hit Chuck Vance (Jonathan Cake). I don’t want to assume that Orson is the guilty party but he’s definitely on the top of my list. It was implied that whoever sent the note about taking care of Chuck was the same person who said they knew about Alejandro’s (Tony Plana) death.

As I mentioned Gaby is talking advantage of Karen kicking Roy out. Gaby doesn’t want Roy to leave her house as he manages to get her kids behaving. Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) is still in rehab and this seems to be the longest couple of weeks ever, before he returns home. Unlike Orson, Gaby shows some remorse towards the end. Though neither is the wiser to why Karen kicked Roy out, it’s revealed that she has cancer again. This is a storyline that the writers have done before but it’s also a subject that’s close to Kathryn Joosten, being a cancer survivor herself.

It’s already been mentioned that a character that will die but I hope it’s not Karen. The reason isn’t because I’m necessarily a fan of the character but I think they should have another character in mind. I think it should be someone you don’t see coming and have more of an impact on how the show ends.

Ben (Charles Mesure) is way over his head after taking money from Donny (Sal Landi), the loan shark. Every time Donny is on screen, I always get the feeling that he’ll be back somehow. His words to Renee (Vanessa Williams) make me feel that he’ll be causing more trouble. Donny already has Mike (James Denton) on his radar and now Renee. The two of them and Ben should be very careful.

Susan (Teri Hatcher) is still trying to convince Julie (Andrea Bowen) to keep her baby. Susan and meddling should never go together. Susan feels that finding out the father of the baby will help her change Julie’s mind. What I wasn’t prepared for was the reveal of Julie’s baby father, Porter Scavo (Charles Carver). While Susan is happy that Porter wants to keep the baby, Lynette (Felicity Huffman) isn’t. It’s an interesting contrast between the two mothers and it makes for an interesting battle between Susan and Porter and Lynette and Julie.

“Get Out of My Life” is a good setup episode to what’s to come. This week’s questions are:

  • Will Bree and the rest of the women wise up to Orson’s lies?
  • Will Karen tell Roy or anyone about her cancer returning?
  • When will the couple of weeks be over before Carlos returns from rehab?
  • If Donny does return, how far will he go?
  • Who will win the battle of the Mayer/Scavo baby?

Desperate Housewives airs on ABC 9/8c on Sundays

Photo credit: ABC

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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