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‘Revenge’ Review: Chaos

Now we’ve come full circle and ended up where the pilot started and boy has it been a fun ride. An episode full of shocks and surprises coupled with the usual amount of manipulation that comes from some of the characters. “Chaos” manages to live up to its episode title. Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) reaction at the end mirrored the way that I felt; what happened on the beach?

The fire and ice theme easily describes the character traits of some of the characters, especially in “Chaos.” A perfect example of fire sees the return of Tyler (Ashton Holmes). I had a feeling that we weren’t going to see the last of the character and in some way I hoped he would return. Holmes has been brilliant playing the role of the unstable man. It’s revealed that Tyler stole Emily’s box but what I wasn’t expecting was that he also kidnaps Fauxmanda (Margarita Levieva). Maybe it’s time I should just call her Amanda from now on.

Emily is usually good at thinking on her feet but I feel this was one of the few times where she didn’t take better precaution. I knew someone would find the box and Tyler was sniffing around the right place, the last time he was at Emily’s place. Part of the evidence is the key to Tyler telling Amanda the truth about Emily and the stolen video tapes from Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart). It doesn’t take long for Amanda to turn on Emily and join forces with Tyler. The thought of these two working together brings chills my bones so I am ecstatic that it doesn’t last very long.

No matter how hard Jack (Nick Wechsler) tries, he never seems to leave the Hamptons when he wants to. A combination of Amanda returning to him and subsequently running off, finds him where we first saw him in the pilot – on the beach.

There are so many circumstances at play that lead people to the party. It was great to see those same scenes, from the pilot, being played out again. I wished I had re-watched it before “Chaos.”

Grandpa Grayson (William Devane) is firmly pulling strings with the rest of the family by stopping Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) from talking to a therapist about what’s happened and trying to mold Daniel (Joshua Bowman) into taking over the family business. Grandpa Grayson tries to get Daniel to talk the returning Satoshi Takeda (Hiroyuki Sanada) into keeping his money in the Grayson’s company. Daniel doesn’t want this and wants to run off with Emily to Paris; she obviously doesn’t feel as excited by the prospect like he is. With Satoshi returning and returning Emily’s box, I firmly believe he’s done more then just that. His reappearance has to be more than just a coincidence.

Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) have finally signed their divorce papers but the ball is firmly in Victoria’s court. She has the number of a field director at the Securities & Exchange Commission; they’re already been sniffing around the Grayson’s company.

I have been waiting for this episode since the pilot and “Chaos” didn’t disappoint. The episodes leading up to it has answered many of the questions I had from the pilot but it has also raised more questions. It’s also set things up in such a way that makes me hungry for more episodes.

This week’s questions:

  • Who shot Tyler?
  • Where is Satoshi Takeda taking Amanda?
  • Where was Daniel when Jack and Amanda found the body?
  • Did Tyler tell Daniel the full truth about Emily before he was shot?

Revenge airs on ABC at 10/9c on Wednesdays

Photo credit: ABC

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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