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‘Desperate Housewives’ Review: Suspicion Song

If you didn’t believe the cracks were starting to appear last week, then you better believe it now. Things are taking its toll on those involved in the murder and cover-up of Alejandro’s (Tony Plana) murder. Outside of this, Lynette (Felicity Huffman) finally realizes that her marriage to Tom (Doug Savant) is over.

Marcia Cross, Leslie Jordan and Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives

Bree (Marcia Cross), Felix (Leslie Jordan) and Gabrielle (Eva Longoria). Photo by Ron Tom – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Carlos’ (Ricardo Chavira) drinking is getting out of control and he ends up staying away from work. Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) thinks she can handle things at work for Carlos. Her flirtatious nature counts for nothing when one of Carlos’ big clients, Mr. Sweeney (H. Richard Greene), appears and one of Carlos’s staff, Jeffery helps out. Not knowing that Jeffery is ‘a snake’ Gabrielle tells him about Carlos’ drinking. I thought with Gabrielle’s background as a model and a resident of Wisteria Lane, she would know that there are just some things you don’t tell people.  Jeffery’s plan to expose Carlos’ drinking problem to Mr. Sweeny backfires as he’s a recovering alcoholic and offers to help Carlos get sober.

It’s Lynette and Tom’s 22-year wedding anniversary but despite the flowers she received signed by Tom, someone needed to remind him of this milestone. Lynette tries to surprise him at his apartment with his favorite drink. Tom ends up home with his girlfriend Jane (Andrea Parker), while Lynette hides under the bed. Though seeing Tom and Jane might have been a bitter pill for Lynette to swallow, I think certain words were the final nail on the coffin. Tom had made a standing order to send Lynette flowers every year and the line, “It will never happen again, I’m cancelling it first thing tomorrow” really seals the deal, as Lynette takes her ring off at the end of the episode.

Susan’s (Teri Hatcher) painting is a hit with art dealer, Felix Bergman (Leslie Jordan). The initial scenes with Susan, Felix and Andre Zeller (Miguel Ferrer) are a comic relief, especially with Susan’s comments about Felix to classmate Amy (Becky Wu). Susan is surprised that Felix likes her dark paintings and wants to show them. Despite her protests, Felix and Andre take the paintings and show them at a viewing. This doesn’t end well as Chuck ends up seeing the painting after following Bree to the art viewing.

The creepy level shot up a few points with Detective Chuck Vance (Jonathan Cake) following Bree (Marcia Cross). I’m sure that some of the viewers, like me, believe that it was Chuck that broke into Bree’s house late at night. Bree doesn’t mention the full scope of Chuck’s suspicions to the others and that’s where part of her problem lies. Susan and Lynette not talking to her should have been a warning sign that secrets to protect each just make things worse.

By the end of the episode we see just how bad it is for Bree, as she drinks alcohol. There are too many people trying to put band aids on a leaking dam, that cracks were bound to show. With pressure from Chuck and the group fragmented, maybe someone needs to figure something out. Will it be the women, Mike (James Denton) or even Ben (Charles Mesure)?

Desperate Housewives airs on ABC 9/8c on Sundays

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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