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Glee: 2.13 “Comeback” Review

I have to admit that I initially had some reservations about this episode. The tribute episodes have had varying results over Glee’s two seasons. In this instance, “Comeback” doesn’t do a full tribute to Justin Bieber. Only two of his songs are featured but like previous tribute episodes, a lot of dialogue is written about the artist. Sometimes it feels like they are trying to justify their choices, within the dialogue.

Sam (Chord Overstreet) performs

Sam (Chord Overstreet) feels Quinn (Dianna Agron) pulling away and he uses Justin Bieber songs to impress her. At first the rest of the guys mock him but after seeing the impact Sam has on the female members of the glee club, they join the “Justin Bieber experience.” It takes the whole episode for Sam to see through Quinn’s lie about kissing Finn; this is after Quinn makes the decision to pick Sam over Finn (Cory Monteith). Moving very quickly onto another relationship, I wonder how the writers will use Sam and Santana (Naya Rivera) together.

Will (Matthew Morrison) tries to help Sue (Jane Lynch) get out of her depression by inviting her to sit in on the glee club for a week. Sue has a new plan to destroy the glee club and her idea partly comes from hanging out with the glee club and Will taking her to the sick kids he sings to. I sometimes wonder where they’re talking Sue’s character. She has the caring side she shows with her sister and Becky (Lauren Potter) but then there’s the dastardly and scheming side of her.

Sue (Jane Lynch) and Will (Matthew Morrison)

Sue tries to stir things up between Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Rachel (Lea Michele) which ends up with them challenging each other to a diva-off. It is nice to see Mercedes receiving some sort of storyline. The character has had very little storylines and it was great to see her duet with Rachel.

Rachel pays Brittany (Heather Morris) to make her fashion trendy for her comeback. Though Brittany wears clothes that Rachel would normally wear, it’s Brittany who ends up being a trendsetter. With Brittany, Santana and Quinn leaving the Cheerios, we get to see their fashion style. Brittany stands out with things like wearing leg warmers on her arms.

She might not have the best voice but Lauren’s (Ashley Fink) first solo performance is entertaining. I didn’t expect the character to be featured as much as she has but I feel like she’s been a great addition to the cast. I’m enjoying Puck’s pursuit of her affections and how she deals.

Funny Bieber related moments:

Finn trying to do Bieber’s famous hair toss just made him look like he had a nervous tick as he doesn’t have the hair to pull it off.

Puck’s (Mark Salling) wig which was only worn when he had his hood up.

A couple of funny Brittany quotes:

Answering Will’s question about what an anthem is – “It’s the bottom of an ant’s pants.”

“Most teachers think by cutting class I might improve my grades.”

“Comeback” isn’t the best episode and it’s not the worst. I didn’t have a big issue with this particular tribute, if you can call it a tribute. My issue is with the show’s use of tributes as a whole. There has been far too many and some have impacted on the quality of the episodes. I might not be a Bieber fan but I didn’t have an issue with the songs; in fact I enjoyed all of the song performances.

All photos courtesy of © Fox Broadcasting Co.

Originally written for The Voice of TV


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